Mercury sextiles Venus, Juno in Grand Cross, Moon in Sagittarius…

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Its been a challenging few days in the sky. Mercury, Venus and Mars have all changed signs. Mercury and Mars both made aspects to Pluto on Wednesday bringing to the forefront the need to let go of old mental constructs, transforming and releasing pent up emotional reaction to find true integrity. With Mercury in a T-Square to Mars and Pluto may have felt like walking a tight rope to maintain equilibrium and peace of mind.

For now we’re out of the shadows of the Scorpio Moon and the intensity of the past couple of days. The Moon is now in Sagittarius, past its First Quarter leading towards the Full Moon in Pisces next week. Followed by Mercury’s retrograde station on Sep. 6, 2009. Mercury retrogrades always bring information and truth to the surface, in close proximity to the Full Moon we can expect a few poignant revelations.

As the Moon has now passed its First Quarter leading to the Full Moon in Pisces next week, avoid the tendency to want to escape a difficult situation. On Friday, Mercury in Libra sextiles Venus in Leo. This could be passionate at best, with the chance to kiss and make-up after the recent emotional upheavals. The Sagittarius Moon is a reminder that what we truly seek is the “freedom to…” rather than the “freedom from…” With Mercury turning retrograde soon we are more than likely to be revisiting the issues we are facing now.

This can be rather social energy and creative discussions could show us a new way forward. Within more intimate relationships as well, be willing to speak as well as listen from the heart. This is about being free to express ones self fearlessly, where both people feel heard so there can be greater understanding.

Once the Moon enters Capricorn on Saturday, it is likely to trigger some of the issues that came up with the Mars-Pluto opposition. This is only bringing us closer to a deeper emotional understanding allowing us to take in the changes we are now experiencing.

Also on Saturday, Mercury and Mars aspect Juno, forming an opposition and square respectively. She completes the Grand Cross with Mars, Mercury and Pluto in the Cardinal signs. At best we this could be a huge opportunity for positive change within our relationships. Resolve issues internally rather than project or look for external solutions or validation.

Grand Crosses bring change, in Cardinal signs this is powerful energy for change to start new patterns within our relationships. Where there is projection this could mean bloody war, so careful when you play the blame game. Mars in Cancer is pointing to the raw emotions we are no doubt still feeling and Pluto’s energy is taking us to the edge of our capacity to hold it in.

Juno’s presence in a chart can often signify the bone of contention within an otherwise utterly satisfying relationship. Currently in Aries, the sign of her discovery, Juno is in her primal form. Juno’s energy is divine feminine wisdom at its sexual core peak. She was the Queen of the God’s and her marriage to Jupiter was a scared marriage — undying in its loyalty although, she was known for her jealous rage when dealing with her husband’s many trysts and infidelities.

On a deeper level Juno’s presence can often signify in a chart, the one thing a person seeks the most in terms of validation from a partner. But the one thing that is also often the hardest to get, purely due to our attachment to it. Only in total surrender, can come the bliss of a sacred union.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Uranus are approaching in their third and final opposition in Virgo and Pisces exact on the Sep. 15, 2009 (the previous two oppositions were on Nov. 4, 2008 and Feb. 6, 2009.) This is certainly regurgitating old dramas that we may have thought we were clear of. On a global scale be it the economy to the environment we have seen this energy ripple and shake to the foundations, anything less than pertaining to a higher soulful order. Personally as well, (depending on the area of your chart the opposition is occurring in) there are shifts in consciousness taking place asking us to open ourselves to something divine to flood in, enrich and strengthen our lives.

On another note, it’s been quite the week personally. I am back online again after a harrowing ordeal which is not over yet (now I have to return things I ordered and are faulty). I ended up working the night shift, catching up on my horoscopes and clients after Nadine got done with her day. But sometimes heaven knows best and although I was feeling rather “disconnected,” the down time was good for my soul.

On Tuesday I went swimming in the lake (with the largest fresh-water beach). It was overwhelming to be immersed in this great body of water, sky so wide open surrounded by the Blue Mountains on the horizon. It was colder than I would have liked, but I just stayed in the stream where the sunlight warmed the water and I was in heaven.

Later back home, Adrian (also a Taurus and my new partner in crime when it comes to lazing in the sun) and me lazed on the floor, listening to Back on Top by Van Morisson. After being weightless in the water, it was good to feel myself sink into the earth again. Here’s a link to Reminds Me of You on the album, which I’m dubbing my summer soundtrack for 2009.

On Wednesday, was an open house information night for the Red Lodge Longhouse Program, conducted by the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies that Nadine attends. I’ve always been intrigued by Shamanism and it was certainly an enlightening experience.

Starting Friday through Saturday, Nadine is also hosting a Time Cell Activation Workshop, also being conducted by a teacher from the Shamanic Institute, which I will be attending by will, spirit and default. Considering I had not planned for any of this, I consider it the Universe’s will for me and I’m diving in. I’ll be back later Sunday with more tales and details. Weekly Horoscopes will be up on the site by Friday.

In the meanwhile, I wish you a magical weekend…

With warm love and sunshine,

Priya in Penetanguishene, CA


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