Chasing the Muse…: Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces; Venus in Aquarius

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Dancing in the deepest oceans,

Twisting in the water,

You’re just like a dream

You’re just like a dream

Just Like Heaven, The Cure


So we’re through the first calendar month of 2013. As we enter February the personal planets all change signs within the first week of the month, bringing a distinct shift in the energy.

Venus and Mars both changed signs within 24 hours of each other on Feb. 2, 2013 to enter Aquarius and Pisces respectively. Mercury follows suit to enter Pisces on Feb. 5, 2013, soon after which it will enter shadow on Feb. 9, 2013 and station retrograde later this month on Feb. 23, 2013.

Venus will remain in Aquarius through the month until Feb. 26, 2013 when she enters Pisces. During her transit through Aquarius, it’s likely to be easier and would help to, be detached in matters of love and financial situations. But this doesn’t mean one isolates oneself from receiving the love or material support one needs, just don’t hold on to expectations of where it will come from.

Venus may not be in her most natural placement in Aquarius, but still here she can be like a rare sparkling diamond. Learn to love and accept yourself, only then can you love another.

Allow space for love to breathe, rather than suffocate it with clinging or too many rules, and dare to explore and express your quicker desires. And when it comes to finances, be creative and innovative. Venus in Aquarius is also extremely creative energy and bodes well for social activities, networking, gatherings and parties. She is also a sign of good times with friends; get out there and mingle and you never know who you could meet and the new doors that could open up.

But with Mars in Pisces the energy can be imaginative and creative as it can be slippery. One is likely to meet saints, sinners, poets, mystics and ordinary con-men alike. This is true throughout Mars’ transit through Pisces but especially today on Feb. 4, 2013 as Mars makes a conjunction to Neptune: watch where you are going or you could slip and fall — literally or metaphorically.

Allow yourself to chase, seduce and be seduced by the muse. Creative, musical, romantic and creative pursuits can flourish at this time. But also beware of denial, lies or deceptive behavior. Keep your grip on reality you won’t get swept away by false promises, fantasies and then end up feeling disillusioned.  Try to stay (relatively) sober and you find a way to channel the energy with rather magical results.

On a more serious note those dealing with addictions or loved ones who have addictions – would do well to keep awareness. Neptune and Chiron are and have been in close conjunction for a while and Mars moving over these planets is likely to bring warning signs that you would do well to heed to avoid things spiraling out of control.

We are all asleep, until we awaken to an ultimate eternal truth. With the Mars-Neptune conjunction as easy as it may be to get lost in a cloud of illusion, the veil is also just that much thinner that, with awareness we may pierce it experience a more sublime reality.

The Moon is currently making it’s way through Scorpio, past a conjunction to the North Node, approaching  square to Mercury before it goes Void. It enters Sagittarius shortly after, to square a near exact Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. But this really is a powerful time to dive deep and be very honest with oneself, about what on the surface we would rather escape from. The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. And in this case, the truth may just quench your soul.

I’ll have more to say about the aspects coming up this month, including the Mercury retrograde phase in this month’s Cosmic Weather report going out to Subscribers in the next day or so.

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On another note — I got my computer back late last week, so it’s been a time of playing catch up. But thank Jupiter and your prayers, I didn’t lose much data. I’ll be going away to live and work by the sea for a month, and get back on track. So will catch you in a few days, hopefully with the sand in my feet…





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