The Starry Night…: Aquarius New Moon & Happy New Year of the Water Snake

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I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night — Sarah Williams


Dear Friends,

Happy Aquarius New Moon and Happy Chinese New Year! And a warm hello from Goa!

We are starting a new cycle now — be led by inspiration and let go of expectations of what you will find. Above all Aquarius’ message is one of freedom and liberation. And that can only come with total acceptance of all that exists — Here and NOW.

I’ll be back with more updates soon – but for now here below is an excerpt from this month’s Cosmic Weather report sent out to subscribers.




Cosmic Weather: February 2013

Excerpt ==

“At the time of the Aquarius New Moon: Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron are in tight conjunction and stellium in Pisces; approaching exact aspects to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in the days following the New Moon.

“The New Moon is always a time to go inward to find guidance, it also marks the end of a cycle before we start anew. In Aquarius the emphasis is on the collective, and one’s place in the collective. And it is a new cycle that sees us growing in a sense of freedom, which can only come with self-acceptance.

“There are deep inner realizations coming though, which can show us just how free we are to make the choices we  Listen and absorb what is surfacing rather than project our perceptions onto people and situation. Thinking we know it all, or pushing on in a fog is only going to further confusion and muddy waters when what we need is clarity.

“Significantly in relationships and financial situations we are turning a difficult corner now but with it will come a distinct sense of liberation and being able to breathe again. As Venus in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at the time of the New Moon, whatever you perceive to be an external obstacle is really an inner resistance which once you acknowledge can be a source of strength and freedom.

“Squares always point to an inner resolution. Saturn represents authority, and the consequences of our actions. While Venus in Aquarius wants to be free to love, create and express her self. This may simply mean giving oneself permission to follow one’s heart, in the awareness that actions have consequences. We are free to do whatever we want, love whoever we want, as long as we take responsibility for our choices and what we are creating. And the more detached we can be from expectations we can truly be liberated.

“This is an Aquarius New Moon and what affects one affects the greater collective. The people close to you and those that make your Universe and are part of a larger Universe, like ripples in a pond, waves in the sea.
In the days following the New Moon between Feb. 13 -16, 2013 — Mercury, Mars will make exact aspects to Pluto suggesting the rules are changing to offer greater support and stability. With honest conversations we can deepen commitments, understanding and trust. The future you envision now could very well be a reality if you are willing to commit to it. And actions need to follow words for them to have any integrity.”

— Priya Kale, An Excerpt from February Cosmic Weather.  (Sign up for a One week free trial and receive full report in your email.)

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