Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Astro Calendar

Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Astro Calendar

Here is feedback I received from a reader Jennifer, who recently purchased the Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Astro Calendar. You can get yours now at this link.

This is a specially designed 11 x 16 downloadable and printable Calendar marked with planetary ingresses, retrogrades, New & Full Moons and Eclipses.

“What did you just arm me with….!! WOW!!!! These are great!!! I think the yellow one is the easiest to understand as I am still wrapping my head around the symbols etc! I feel like I have some secret knowledge now!!! Lol!! Im sure I have my birth chart in an email somewhere, this will add a whole other dimension to the calendars.

There’s a saying that you would know that says, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time. These are invaluable Priya! What a fantastic idea!!!

This means more to me than a regular calendar. I will actually look at these and they will have meaning, unlike a regular calendar of same s!!t different day! This is actually personally meaningful! I have already laminated them and they are on my wall. I have a huge year coming up and you have no idea how handy this already is! Sometimes I scroll through your writings to get the dates etc, but this is such a good reference and will help reinforce your horoscopes and monthly reports at a glance.

Also, that report you did a while ago on the nodes etc was really educational. I love that! It adds a whole other level to your writing again. And the video was great also!! I watch and read everything! I am always learning from you Priya. You cure my Aquarian fetishes!!!

Thanks for all your support and kind words Priya. You have been the shining light in my darkness since the day I read your first horoscope and have never looked back! — Jennifer G, Australia.”


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