Cosmic Diaries: Daily Horoscopes for Sep. 4, 2014

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I’ve written Daily Horoscopes for this whole week of Sept. 1 – 5, 2014 for Yasmin Boland, at her website, you can read them at the link at her website above or here below.


Daily Horoscopes for Sep. 4, 2014

by Priya Kale

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You’re making solid progress in a professional situation, but consciously let go of any attachment to “success.” Do what you love best and that itself will be your reward. Then you can achieve the kind of success, that not only makes the world take notice, but that you’re proud of.


You’ve had to confront the past recently, but this has helped you regain inner confidence. Showing you that in your life, you are the king or queen of the jungle. Today is Venus’ last day in Leo, bask in this awareness as you prepare to create a new life for yourself.



You know where you stand now. No one can have power over you unless you give it away. Also, consciously let go of emotional or material attachments, because they false sense of security. Stay true to your values then you can invite in the real love and security you need.



The recent past has brought a steady improvement in your finances, relationships and most importantly your self-esteem. You’ve learned how not to give away power and then feel victimized. A relationship is evolving; ask for what you need but consciously let go of attachments and expectations. Then see who shows up.


With Venus in your sign over the past weeks, hopefully you’ve learned to love yourself and share your love better. Today, consciously clear space — mentally, emotionally and physically of what is no longer works. Then you can create space for new abundance entering your life as Venus enters Virgo.


Your faith has been tested, but life is about to get sweeter as Venus enters your sign tomorrow. The love or resources you seek are coming, and in truth, have always been within you. It’s a matter of being creative with the resources you have and learning to love yourself first.


Life has been quite the party lately. But secretly you’ve been focused on a family, home or a domestic situation. The past need not continue to haunt you. Dig deep today to uproot emotional, psychological and subconscious wounds from the source. Then you can truly reclaim your inner space.


You needn’t withhold how you feel, but let go of what you “think.” You’re gaining valuable insight and perspective, so consciously let go of beliefs that prevent you from seeing a richer reality. You live in a world of infinite possibilities, limited only by your perception. Free your mind.


You’ve been exploring options, clarifying goals and even tasting success. But get clear on your values now: avoid clinging to material success or on the other hand selling yourself short. You’re at the top, because of your vision, hard-work and dedication. Only you decide what you commit to. Remember that.


You’re learning home truths about yourself, another and your ability to resurrect. You need not cling or try to control anyone or anything. When you love someone unconditionally they become a part of your being, for eternity, beyond the flesh. Only love is real, let go of the rest.


Hopefully now, you can feel the love in your world. But it’s also pushed your boundaries asking you to learn to be open and receive it. You’re breaking through subconscious conditioning of what it means to have a fulfilling life. You are richer than you realize, in ways that truly count.


You have solid support in your relationships, so you needn’t worry about what “society” thinks.  But sometimes it takes a true friend or someone who really loves you to be honest with you, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Let go of expectations and you can have what you need.

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