Cosmic Diaries: Daily Horoscopes for Sep. 3, 2014

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Below are your Daily Horoscopes for Sep. 3, 2014, written by yours truly…

I wrote these and have written Daily Horoscopes for this whole week of Sept. 1 – 7, 2014 for Yasmin Boland, at her website, you can read them at the link above.

Also, I’ve updated the Consultation page yesterday, introducing new options for a 3, 6 and 12 month Intensive Astrology chart work package.

This is an intensive program I’ve come up with, after 2 years of Saturn on my Ascendant. This is focused in-depth work with your Natal Chart, Transits, Progressions and other astrological techniques. Also watching transits closely will give you a deeper understanding of the natural cycles work in your life and giving you a lifetime of tools to manage your energy effectively.. I am confident through personal experience, of the results of this work to be life-changing.

The sessions will be scheduled approximately two weeks apart (individually with you and your schedule) – so we would do two sessions and month.

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DAILY HOROSCOPES for September 3, 2014

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“The Sun trines Pluto today, what area of your life needs ‘spring cleaning’?”


You’ve been busy working and getting your life in order. As thankless as the job may seem, today brings real progress. What you do in this world doesn’t matter as much as if you love what you do, and if your life heals and fills you with purpose each day.


You’re reaching a deeper understanding of your desires, values and needs especially in your deepest commitments, and who you are at your core. Consciously let go of superficial ideals and you can unearth the more divine aspects of your being. The less you cling, you can free yourself to be yourself.


You’re “cleaning house” today: physically, emotionally and psychologically. Do it consciously, and you can stabilize a domestic situation, start to breathe a lot easier. Financially as well as emotionally the support you need is present. But you have to be honest, ask, let go of expectations and then have faith.


You’re learning information, or having conversations bringing you deeper understanding of a relationship and what you need to do to begin to heal a situation. Rather than hold on to expectations of another, give to what you most value. Be constructive, in thought word and deed and you can make real progress.


You can stabilize a situation today and shift something that has taken more than it has given. Consciously let go of what’s not working and give to what you value, heals you and serves a deeper purpose. True wealth isn’t measured by one’s bank balance, but by the richness and generosity of one’s heart.


You’re reaching a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires, who you are at your core, and what you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. There is no such thing as perfection, but if there were, you’d be a poster-child. Dare to be yourself and reveal that heart of gold.


You’re gaining deeper awareness of your role in existence. Dig deep, as you uproot subconscious conditioning surrounding “security” or what you need to feel safe. Be honest with yourself, then you needn’t fear any skeletons. Have faith, the Universe wants to grant your wishes and give you what you need.


You’re being noticed and you could taste tangible success today. But really this is not about success, fame or your image, this is about your values. Something you’ve desired is within reach. Have faith, as long as you are giving to what you value, your needs will be taken care.


A professional situation is evolving, putting you at the top of your game. But stay humble and rooted in your core values, rather than be attached to material gain or success. You’re gaining awareness of your power to make a real difference in this world. There is nothing greater than that.


A financial sexual relationship, marriage or deeply personal situation is evolving on a deep level. Keep your perspective and have faith you’re being freed from situations that don’t serve your highest purpose, so you can deepen connections with those do; who give back to you, as much as you give them.


Life is changing on a deep level, and so are you. You cannot control anything outside yourself. So surrender expectations and you can reclaim your power. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but have faith, you have the support you need from the Universe and at least one partner, who truly loves you.


You’ve had your share of disappointments with “friends.” But this has taught you to not hold on to expectations, but see who shows up when you need them. You’re learning now who’s on your team, who you can count on to have your back and supports a greater vision. Be grateful.



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