Cosmic Diaries for Week of Mar. 8, 2010 : Mars direct station in Leo | Venus in T-square with Saturn and Pluto

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Dear Friends and Readers,

Welcome to a big week! Mars stations direct in Leo this week and Venus forms a T-square with Saturn and Pluto.

The aspects are putting wheels in motion, bringing relationships, financial and creative situations to a turning point. Depending on the house Leo occupied in your chart, that is the area of life that’s been on the burner with the recent Mars retrograde. But expect things to move forward rather dramatically once Mars stations direct.

Leo is the sign of self, ruled by the Sun this represents an individual’s core consciousness. This is life giving and life sustaining energy like that of the Sun; the core creative and sexual, fertile fire gives “birth” to all life and creation. It is the sign of one’s being and the heart which when nurtured and allowed to shine, flowers in compassion.

Mars is raw power; it’s energy is pure fire. When directed in consciousness this is the fire that gets things cooking. If not handled carefully it can burn anything to a crisp. Without fire, man as a species would not have survived. This is the “fire” of the Aries Point — representing the essential story of an individual and of humanity and life itself. Mars’ retrograde in Leo has been this fiery energy turned inward to gain a deeper awareness of ones “self.” It has broken down defenses to de-armor us from the cage of the ego. We’ve had to confront honestly fears of failure, rejection, ego, pride in one’s self that prevents the full expression of one’s “being” and sexual and creative passion.

Now as Mars moves direct on Mar. 10, 2010, look at the events that began to unfold in your life around mid-October last year. We are re-entering this territory now with greater truth, awareness and renewed self-confidence; giving us the opportunity to rediscover and express our spontaneous passion. Given the other aspects developing at this time, we are dealing with heavy stuff no doubt. But there’s a lot of fire in this chart energizing and reinvigorating a sense of playfulness.

Venus in Aries trined Mars on Sunday, awakening deep desires and truths. When it comes to relationships, Venus represents the woman in the relationship and Mars the ‘man’; similarly the planets [Venus and Mars] also reflecting the feminine and masculine aspects of our nature in the circumstances. Right now it may feel like something is dead and gone, with Mars at the tail end of its transit. But recognize for any transformation to occur, it has to completely die in the form it has been.

Venus in Aries is raw feminine creative energy, that wants to express herself. Early in the week, on Tuesday as Venus opposes Saturn, financially, romantically and within relationships we may be all too aware of the boundaries we cannot cross. But Saturn represents a gateway between the past and the future. We have to close the door to the past before we can move ahead. This also means taking responsibility for what has already been created. We can’t change the past but we can make peace with it, without judging it.

With Saturn exalted in Libra we are being asked to offer only the highest and purest aspects of our essence. Focus and direct the energy, rather than apply too much force and feel exhausted and unappreciated. This is about each person within a relationship pulling their own weight and taking responsibility for their action and inaction. (Although inaction is near impossible this week; T-squares bring resolution.) Look at what you truly value and are trying to build, then find a way to compromise.

Venus squares Pluto on Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 a day after the Mars direct station on Mar. 10, 2010. Go slow at this time and avoid projecting power struggles. Given the recent past it maybe tempting to force an outcome. But things are due to move forward in remarkable speed and it is extremely important that we deal consciously with situations in the NOW and work towards releasing the past internally.

Venus-Pluto squares can feel like a power struggle and here the dilemma seems to be between one’s individual expression of their heart, vs the subconscious rules that we feel bound by. Be true to your heart and find your integrity in a situation, rather than let some “idea” of success or what is “appropriate” or “should” control your choices. Venus in Aries is asking us to rediscover the innocence and trust we are all born with as infants in a new world, where anything is possible.

Also we are heading into the Pisces New Moon early next week, giving us a chance to start with a fresh new perspective. This is an especially uniquely intriguing one with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus all in conjunction at 25+ Pisces. What’s to come is truly anybody’s guess and as unpredictable as it gets.

This blog covers the major astrology for the week. I will check in again in a couple of days with updates. In the meanwhile, I am available for regular Astrology sessions; with the stars aligned the way they are now would be a “good” time to check in with your astrology. Please email me to schedule a reading.

For now, take it easy and go slow… A lot is shifting and I can safely say by the time of the Pisces New Moon next Monday, we’re heading towards a fresh new future…

— Priya Kale, NYC

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