Femina Interview & Horoscopes till June 25, 2013

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The Moon is in Libra now, moving towards a trine with the Sun and Jupiter who meet in their annual conjunction tomorrow on June 19, 2013, and the energy is pretty social over the next day or so.

I’ll be back with a longer blog tomorrow on the Sun-Jupiter conjunction and other aspects, but in the meanwhile, below is the Gemini Horoscope sent out to subscribers last week. You can sign up here for a one week free trial to receive your horoscope by email.

Also, I was recently interviewed by Meher Ahmed for Femina – here is a link.




Sample Cosmic Diaries Fortnightly Horoscope till June 25, 2013

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Gemini. Illustration by Arun KaleGEMINI

Last months Eclipses brought home a few important truths, bringing you to the end of a chapter in your closest personal relationships. But the end is always a new beginning and the recent New Moon, with Mars in your sign is marking a potent, personal annual new cycle, acting like a reset button, perhaps even offering you second chances. There is little you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it and you can be anyone you want to be. But who are you? What do you want to be when you grow up? And what is it that you want to give back to the world? It’s important you clarify that for yourself, or you will be running around trying to catch mist in a jar and risk passing up an opportunity to manifest your dreams. If you feel divided, ask yourself how much of this “division” is based on who you once were or who you want to be? You have grown in leaps and bounds in more ways than one over the last year — in self-awareness, wisdom as well as an understanding of the relationships that you can count on to be there through thick and thin. This isn’t about accomplishment, your achievements, success or what you think that [success] looks like. What matters is who you are and how you feel today. You need not be someone or something that you are not, compare yourself to others or worry about what others will think. You can only be yourself and there is whole lot more to you than you have even begun to manifest. Certain friendships and perhaps a social situation is pushing your boundaries but you need not panic, nor keep looking over your shoulder. As long as you know what your values are, you can see through anyone’s hidden agenda allowing you to take the right action. Also let go of misplaced guilt; you need not feel beholden, nor controlled by anything or engage in power struggles. You have the power to make choices in your life and this is your opportunity to rise above insecurities, fears of not being “good enough” or all that you feel is expected of you or that you expect from others so you can manifest your limitless potential. As Bob Dylan sang “you gotta serve somebody.” Who are you serving now? Pour yourself into what heals you and you will be healing your world and the world, piercing the veil with your truth.


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