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Important Note to Subscribers:

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I’ll be back with more astrology shortly. But in the meanwhile, here is the cosmic climate over the next couple of days with Adam Sommer. You can read the full Week’s day-by day report here at this link and at his website


June 12

Moon in Leo

…continuing with the stellar landscape

As you (Lion/Leo Moon) walk amongst billions of stars, smiling, graced with healthy pride, Venus appears once more.  In this meeting, she is quite different.  She is dancing.  Ecstatic, eyes wild, moving with an energy hard to make out. You sit again, to take it all in.  It’s as if her movements are creating static electricity.  It increases–more and more–until, CRACK….FLASH…..SMACK…….BOOM: a God appears, both mirroring and testing her movements.  It is Uranus–God of Sky and Genius.  It seems she has a good grasp on his testing movements.  She is empowered.  Having released the weight with the assistance of Pluto yesterday, she now is apparently crystal clear of what she must do, which is: Whatever she pleases.  She is acting upon all of her truest desires and she is evolving fast.  She has solved the square to Uranus today.  She is trying out new ways.  She looks back to the past, there is nothing there.  She has no time to look towards the future, because she is swallowed by the moment.  Fully present, she looks at you (the Lion), and you let out a joyful roar that would make the MGM lion curl into a wet ball.

*  These imaginings are you. All the characters are you.  This is us.  It is what we are going through.


June 13th

Moon in Leo

Back to Earth.  Rewired and ready to tackle–or tickle–whatever comes your way, the Moon in late Leo harmonizes (sextile) with the Sun in Gemini.  Under the growing sliver in the sky, we become giddy, playful, flirty, chatty, even ridiculous under such configurations.  The lessons learned over the past few days were deep and magical.  It is now time to let loose.  You are ripe and ready.




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