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A look back on June…

Cosmic Diaries: June 2013 Cosmic Weather

by Priya Kale

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June 2, 2013


Dear Friend,

We’re past a potent Eclipse season, and if you look around the world and your world, it’s a whole new landscape. And June ushers in the next Great Big Wave of Change in the world and in our personal loves and [I mean to type] lives…

Last month brought major events which involved revolution, uproar, scandals, protests, and shocking news in many cases — revealing the abuse of power and corruption that needs to be uprooted at its source. It’s almost impossible to be sleeping at the wheel at this time in history. But it’s also true that no amount of shaking someone will wake them, if they are only pretending to be asleep or blind.

Now the planets are flooding into Cancer (Mercury, Venus, the Sun and finally Jupiter). As they do they will form a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune, oppositions to Pluto in Capricorn (which forms a Kite to this alignment) and squares to Uranus (triggering the Uranus-Pluto square), moving us further along a path of revolution and evolution — both globally and in our personal lives.

With a majority of the planets in water signs and the Grand Water Trine in effect, this energy feels like a great, big whirlpool of energy. On a mundane level, there could be flooding, torrential rains, perhaps even greater than usual tropical storms, in areas prone to them — so take the necessary precautions.

On a personal level this is a deeply emotional period, which can be great when we’re feeling happy, but this is life — it will always have its ebb and flow — and things could get rather slippery if we aren’t able to take responsibility for what we are feeling. All emotions, joy as well as sadness, are sacred and part of this human experience; we are meant to “feel” each one of them. So release your emotions consciously rather than suppressing or denying them and risking untimely emotional outbursts.

But the Sun is in Gemini through the first three weeks of June, so it is important we maintain discernment on our thoughts and feelings. Where do you feel like you’re hanging on for dear life? What might happen if you were to surrender, let go, and allow the river of life to carry you? And where do you need to find the courage to stand up and be the force for change? Where it seems like you are caught in a cycle of overwhelming, negative or heavier emotions, Pluto says: “Let go” of clinging to that which is changing. Then we can use this energy to flush out what’s no longer needed — rather than resist and risk getting smashed up against the rocks.

Mercury and Mars changed signs to enter Cancer and Gemini respectively on May 31, 2013. Mars remains in Gemini until July 13, 2013, while Mercury enters shadow and stations retrograde this month in Cancer, and will remain in the sign until August 8, 2013. Also, Venus follows Mercury on June 3, 2013 and ingresses Cancer until June 27, 2013.

Communication is beginning to flow, information is leaking out and there are deep truths surfacing now. But also be aware, emotions often cloud perceptions so it is important we seek clarity. If you aren’t aware of your insecurities, you may become defensive or say things in the heat of the moment that you later regret. Your mind and tongue are razor sharp now — you could cut to the heart of a matter or stab someone in the heart with your words.

You are learning the power of words to heal or wound, and this climate calls for deep sensitivity and awareness. Then you can bridge a divide, deepening understanding and trust, allowing the past to be water under the bridge. The truth may hurt at first (because it comes with the loss of perceptions that we have clung to) but it is ultimately liberating, allowing us the freedom to make choices in awareness.

Pay attention to the messages coming through early in the month as you read this forecast — Mercury (the messenger) is leading the way for the rest of the planets, bringing us the first hint of what’s to come when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25, 2013.

With Venus in Cancer now, both money and personal relationships too can begin to flow better. But in any situation where it feels like you are in over your head, rise above your insecurities — there is more depth and potential in a situation. Rather than expecting someone else to fill or fulfill your needs, love is something that needs to be an outpouring of your being that you can share with another. Nothing kills a budding romance faster than a sense of neediness, and you cannot share love if you feel empty inside. The more you nurture yourself and love yourself, the more you attract the love you need. We’re diving through the ship-wreck, and for all the destruction, there are deep treasures to be salvaged.

And when it comes to money or matters of material security — make sure you are separating your needs from your wants and desires. And if you are reading this forecast, I hope it is safe to assume you at least have access to the Internet and basic necessities right now. Even if things seem precarious, if you can be grateful for all you have and are open to receive, you will be ready to seize opportunities when they arise.

A powerful Gemini New Moon on June 8, 2013 is asking us to dive deep if we want to get to the truth. A lot of information has surfaced since the time of the last lunation and the Eclipse on May 25, 2013. And this may have almost been too much to digest — leading either to a deafening silence, or a feeling of being unable to find the words to express what we’ve been feeling.

But now as we move past the New Moon with its surrounding aspects, this is a new cycle of communication and we are discovering a deeper truth. There’s also likely to be a recognition that you are the voice for change against a system that is crumbling, and you can’t afford to sit in silence anymore. Be transparent and squeaky clean in your dealings and negotiations — so nothing can cast a shadow on your integrity.

With Mars in Gemini in a square to Neptune (an aspect that has been building and peaks at this time), I suggest you avoid projecting doubt or suspicion, but still trust your inner voice and intuition. If your alarm bells are ringing, pay heed, but check your facts before you react impulsively or with misinformation. This is all about seeking inner clarity about the best way to proceed. As long as you are being honest with yourself (even if it means admitting you don’t have all the answers) and are not in denial of the truth, you need not fear anything or anyone.

As Mercury opposes Pluto, this brings to mind an image of “a child standing up to a powerful authority figure.” Whatever is unfolding externally, really this is an inner evolution moving you past childhood limitations and conditioning that previously held you back from manifesting your fullest potential. Who or what is it that you feel has power over you? Nothing or no one can have power over us unless we give it away. Avoid entering power struggles now; recognize your own depth, and you can bring lasting change to a situation.

There could be deep, soulful love welling up from within, bringing an inner understanding of the value of someone or something. Relationships can stabilize now, bringing a deeper understanding of our own depths, allowing us to connect on a heart level. Also, there may be a recognition of resources that are readily available if we can just get out of our heads.

Open your mind and you can make new choices in awareness of the future you want to create. Mercury squares Uranus on the day of the New Moon, followed by Venus’ square to Uranus, suggesting a major breakthrough in relationships, finances and situations that began to unfold at the end of May, and even further back last year as the first two Uranus-Pluto squares exacted. And these may very well be internal breakthroughs, helping you to see something in a different light and thus allowing you to make different choices.

In love as well as financial situations, there is a tremendous potential to break free of patterns of co-dependency, opening us up to receive a greater flow of love, abundance and security making its way into our world. But for this we have to first let go of emotional baggage, so we can communicate honestly, openly and be willing to receive. It will also require you to let go of clinging to the past, and superficial conditioning and rules especially surrounding success, failure, relationships, or the way things should be that prevents you from opening your arms to the future.

On June 10, 2013 Mercury enters shadow phase and will station retrograde on June 26, 2013 at 23+ Cancer. Interestingly this shadow phase also occurs right between the span of a New Moon and a Full Moon. And the times around Mercury’s station dates are times when information tends to “surface.” So pay attention to the conversations you are having and what you are learning.

Be fluid and flexible in your negotiations rather than expecting anything to be set in stone. You will be revisiting these decisions and conversations over the next couple of months as Mercury retraces its steps through this part of the zodiac twice more; the more flexible you can be, the more you can navigate this territory with greater ease.

If you have important contracts to sign, you might want to do that around June 19, 2013 when the Sun and Jupiter align in their annual auspicious conjunction. This is their final conjunction in Gemini for the next 12 years, as Jupiter prepares to leave Gemini in a week and will not return until 2025.

A Sun-Jupiter conjunction day is one that is generally an auspicious and expansive moment in time. Jupiter’s influence is benevolent, expansive and fortuitous. But this conjunction in Gemini could very well heighten the contrast between “good” and “evil.” But the greatest message here is to have a sense of objectivity on what is unfolding — there is another side to everything. And the more you cling to one extreme, the faster you will be thrust to the other extreme eventually.

This is also a great time to take in the lessons of Jupiter in Gemini over the past year. And with objectivity you can make wise choices to create a new future. Life will always have its ups and downs, but no matter how seemingly “bad” things get — if you can have a sense of humor about life and make choices in faith, you’re golden. This is also a great time to have a “conversation with God” but this means also being willing to listen to what is coming through.

Mercury and Venus make a conjunction on June 21, 2013 — a day when you can have deep heart-to-heart conversations, or negotiate financial agreements. But remember Mercury is in shadow phase and you will be revisiting these discussions later, allowing you to go deeper — so go with the flow rather than push for something.

June 23, 2013 marks the Capricorn Full Moon at 2+ degrees with the Sun in Cancer. With the Moon in a wide conjunction to Pluto — this Full Moon is revealing what unequivocally needs to change. Mercury is stationary at this time, soon to station retrograde. There could be huge revelations spilling out over the next few days, which could indeed change everything.

Starting the beginning of June, building up to Jupiter’s ingress in Cancer (and as the Grand Water Trine stays in effect over the coming months) there is a sense that the tide is rising. But think of this as deep sea diving — deep beneath the surface of the wildly crashing waves there are pearls to be found.

And the big red-letter day arrives on June 26, 2013 as Jupiter ingresses Cancer, followed by Mercury’s retrograde station at 23+ Cancer only hours later on the same day.

The tide is turning now, and if we’ve underestimated something, there is a sense of having to swim back, revisit the past or conclusions or decisions we’ve recently made to gain a deeper understanding of events. With Jupiter entering Cancer it could all get more than a little overwhelming. But as long as we can keep our sense of perspective, we will see there is more to hope for and a situation holds more water than we may have first imagined.

Cancer energy at best is nurturing, comforting, deeply sensitive and intuitive. It rules the parent, the child, the mother, “needs,” food, nourishment and “security” on all levels — emotionally, physically and psychologically. And with Jupiter moving through this sign over the coming year these themes are certainly going to take on a larger-than-life role in the world and our lives.

You can see this in the news as Monsanto is taken on by the public, and issues of eradicating world hunger start to take center stage. It isn’t fair that so many go hungry, while food is wasted daily in restaurants, and this is on the most basic level. If we look at the world around us, we are facing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions across the globe. Jupiter’s passage through Gemini has certainly shone a light on the ever widening gap between the rich and poor.

For all the money we spend on war, death and destruction, a child need not ever go hungry, if we can only start redistributing our resources effectively. Jupiter in Cancer as it makes oppositions to Pluto over the coming year is asking us to put our humanity before material gain, it is in giving we will receive. Also look to the part of your chart ruled by Cancer; this is the area of your life where you will see the most activity now.

Cancer is the sign opposite Capricorn, and in this we can see how the nourishment and security one experienced as a child goes on to form the foundations of our “success” in the external world. But beyond simply having our material needs of food, shelter, clothing — emotional security is an essential part of our ability to interact, bond and connect with others on a deep level. So make sure you are taking care of your most important needs.

You cannot change the past or your childhood. But you can reclaim the power in your life if you can become aware of and take responsibility for your own emotions — no matter WHO or WHAT triggers them. Your emotions — love, anger, passion, lust, sadness, joy — are all sacred and all yours alone. And the more you recognize this, the easier it will be to rise above insecurities. What we need and can have now are relationships with depth of emotion, but with healthy boundaries that allow for interdependence rather than co-dependency. Then you can deepen connections that replenish you in your soul, while letting go of patterns that drain you of precious time, money, energy and resources.

There is magic swirling all around us now, but it will require a degree of consciousness if we want to bring about lasting change. If not, we could let all this beautiful, soulful, creative energy go down the drain. What we need are channels and a way to irrigate, harness and release this energy so we can make the most of it. As turbulent as the external world might get, as long as you can stay rooted in your integrity you need not fear drowning. And the more we can dive into the calm at the depths of our being — therein could be the discovery of our inherent humanity, as well as our ability to be the source for greater change rippling out into the world.

As Jupiter begins its year-long passage through Cancer, we stand at the threshold of a new journey, drawing us forth to explore new lands. But that means at some point we have to let go of clinging to this shore and what we know, as we set sail on a voyage of discovery.

You may feel like you’re hearing the call of sweet sirens, but you need not fear being lured by illusions. You are the captain of your ship. Follow your inner song and it will guide you safely to the other shore…


Priya Kale, June 2, 2013


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This is report is part of the Cosmic Diaries subscriber service, which currently offers a monthly overview, fortnightly horoscopes, discounts on subscriptions, consultations and special reports.

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