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Dear Friends,

We are now in the womb of a fecund and fertile Taurus New Moon, exact on Thursday, May 13, 2010 9:04 PM EDT.

Mercury stationed direct in Taurus late last evening at 6:27 PM EDT and Mars is in the last week of its ‘shadow’ in Leo after a long transit through the sign.

Over the next few weeks as we lead to the end of May, watch the excitement build. We are on the brink of profound personal, global and social change.

In a Blog last week while speaking of the Taurus New Moon I wrote, “Consider this a time to find inner strength and self-esteem. If you are rooted in your center then no storm can uproot you.”

I received an email in response, that I’d like to respond to here for the benefit of all given the relevance to the current climate.

“Hi Priya,

Thank you for both the wonderful May horoscopes and the interesting Blog post. […]

In the Blog post you said “If you are rooted in your center then no storm can uproot you.” From a Piscean perspective, how does one do this?  I was thinking the other day that “I just need to be me” but I have no idea how to do this.  Being a Piscean – who I am is very fluid, it changes every minute depending on how I feel, who I am around, what I am doing.  Us Pisceans are so permeable, how do we find that inner rock, that solid center (or create it) so that we don’t get blown around in life’s storms and so when dealing with people and situations we can strand strong as ourselves?

I wanted to post this question since I’m sure many, many more Pisceans out there are wondering it too.  Can you post it for me (since wordpress won’t let me)?  And maybe give all of us Pisceans a little insight or advice.

If you don’t want to post it, no worries, though I’d really appreciate any words of wisdom, ideas, advice or astrological tips you have.

Thanks so much Priya!

All the best and hope your grandma is doing better,



Dear Genevieve,

One way to find the “solid” Taurus energy would be to look at where Taurus falls in your chart. In the case of Pisces the sign of ‘cosmic consciousness,’ this is the 3rd house of communication, ideas and thought processes; in the creation and manifestation of your thoughts.

As it reads in the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was fully God. All things were created by him, and apart from him not one thing was created that has been created.”

Taurus on the zodiac wheel represents the 2nd house, the house of one’s self-esteem, possessions and physical energy. It is also represents “core value” suggesting even the physical form is ultimately an illusion for what lies within.

If we look at the 2nd house for Pisces — Aries, we can see the truth Piscean’s carry the fire of creation deep within them.

When I said, “Consider this a time to find inner strength and self-esteem. If you are rooted in your center then no storm can uproot you.” I wasn’t necessarily referring to a “solid” center — just “your center” which is soul emptiness, the root of one’s self-esteem.

A Taurus’ nature is fixed like the earth, so there isn’t much that budges this energy, giving rise to the infamous Taurean ‘stubbornness’ in extreme. So even a Taurean needs to learn flexibility. A tree will break faster in a storm than a blade of grass.

The secret to finding inner strength, manifesting abundance and material wealth, is knowing the real wealth lies not in the external; but [it lies in] what comes out of the great void of emptiness within, one’s divinity.

Taurus is a reminder — to discover the true worth of something, someone, or even one’s self, we have to go beyond and deeper below the physical surface and appearances.


Now as we enter the dark of the Moon, it may feel we’ve bottomed out with situations. A New Moon will always bring a feeling of emptying out first. People are feeling rather fragile – especially financially; but find your self-esteem.

This is slow moving energy, which is now moving in the “right” direction. As the Moon grows over the next couple of weeks and Mercury picks up speed we should begin to see real change manifest.

We are planting seeds for what will ground us, through the incredible changes coming through. Be patient and nurture with love, consistency and dedication what you want to bear fruit.

I’ll be back sometime tomorrow with the Taurus New Moon report. For now take comfort and ground yourself in what is real.

With Love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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