December Monthly Horoscopes


December 2008 Monthly Horoscopes



Anywhere but here! That pretty much sums up how you may be feeling as the month begins. You will soon enough reach this moment of breakthrough you are looking for. It may mean admitting that you feel two ways about something and realizing the difference between thinking and feeling. Recent events may have at times left you feeling like a puddle of nervous emotion; not common for someone as dynamic as you. You are not used to being as vulnerable as you’ve been feeling. Often we hide how we feel for not wanting to seem weak. But something is awakening deep inside showing you what true freedom means, which is being able to share even your deepest insecurities. In confronting your own vulnerability you are learning how little you truly have to be insecure about. Recognize the role of a key relationship and keep a vision of what lies beyond. True freedom comes from being able to make your choices based on reality and allowing for soulful connection to grow out of any pain you’ve endured. Professionally you may feel like you’ve reached a point of no return and indeed you have. But as much as you fear this is the edge of the cliff, this is pushing you to begin a journey of unearthing your true potential. This challenge is your opportunity to make the kind of changes you know you have to make if you want the kind of success you say you do. In the words of Eric Francis, “You need to jump out of the airplane, before you can pull the parachute string.”

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You begin this month at a distinct point of surrender to the unknown. Within a sexual or business contract unfolding, it may seem like another person has more control over this situation than you. But I suggest you not let anyone define your vision for you. Allow your sparkling lucid imagination to filter through your earthy wisdom. If you keep a solid perspective as you dare to reach for what may seem like wild fantasy, great wide expanding horizons are opening up for you. You maybe deeply divided about how you feel about this situation, but this is coming down to values — yours. It takes one person to effectively bring about change. What do you want? To what extent are you willing to surrender to bring about the needed change? It may be scary and you may be asking yourself if indeed the price of freedom is worth it. But your days of power struggles are over and now you are moving into a more spiritual level of relating. One larger than life moment early in the month should help you gain solid perspective, if you feel you’ve lost your way. You are learning powerful perhaps painful truths that are opening you up to the true mission of your heart; one that heals many through your awareness. Prepare to let go of all old beliefs, as you undergo what can only be described as a soul evolution. This is the beginning of a mind-blowing journey of exploring distant lands in this world and beyond. There may come a moment when you feel like you are floating on a dream cloud. But this is no dream, just a result of your steady dedication to your passion.

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For the past decade you’ve been confronting powerful and perhaps painful truths about how to relate as an equal. You’ve reached a point of no return regarding at least one relationship. But I suggest you look at this moment as just the beginning rather than the end. For you freedom is paramount within a relationship and as the month begins something or someone seems to have lit a fire within you; igniting deeper desires than you thought yourself capable of feeling. I suggest you make honesty your best friend through this stage, with partners and above all yourself. You are embarking on a journey through the hidden valleys and mountains of your soul; a part that is more traditional and solid than your usual divided self. It may feel like a part of you is dying, but you are only freeing yourself from ideas that belong in the past. There is at least one relationship in your life that has the ability to take you to greater depths of understanding. This may be a financial partnership or a deeply intimate association, but if you are able to surrender to the process you are indeed building foundations of core relationships that can offer you the kind of security you are looking for through this time of change. Luck in love and money may seem like an idealistic vision far beyond the horizon. But if you can keep sight of your dreams and what you value most, you can make your way to them. This is the promise.

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Over the past decade or so, you’ve gotten used to operating on an almost devotional level within your relationships. You may have willingly at times made personal sacrifices for a greater common good, no questions asked. But now you are entering a distinctly new phase and I suggest you begin with a close examination of your own psyche. How do you give away power within situations and then feel manipulated? Are you in denial of your own needs, if not what are you doing to consciously communicate these within your relationships? Relationships are like mirrors capable of reflecting a previously unseen truth. Even as a core relationship goes through a transformation this month solid communication is what will get you through. It may mean you surrender or at least de-construct your most traditional values regarding partnerships. Be willing to look at your innermost desires, even the more hidden ones that cause you to yearn at times for a life on the edge. The more you can be in touch with your deepest instincts, even if a little scary, the greater chance your chance of surfing the tide to a safe shore. Here you can begin building something new, based on something more real than the recent guessing games of the past. Financially and emotionally the connections you are making now need to be based on a greater altruistic soul truth. Remember this above all, as you enter the coming years.

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A key situation is fueling your passion and opening your heart. You may have been resisting getting emotionally involved in a situation that seems highly unpredictably. But the fire you feel in your heart is more important than any emotional analysis that may cause you to look at what you consider a fantasy, in black and white terms. Your soul that longs for a greater freedom of creative as well as sexual expression and there is a relationship that seems to want to offer you an outlet. Avoid critical tendencies at this time. Your existence is the very proof of a divine vision that encompasses a greater wisdom of what is possible. It may mean that you have to surrender your selfish desires as you move into this next phase of your life of manifesting this vision into your daily reality. At this time take a solid look at your changing traditional ideas and ways of doing things starting with your daily habits, your health and even your thought process. First may come a phase of deconstruction. But through steady determination you now have the power to rebuild a life based on your core values of service and bringing healing to the world. Steer clear of superficial ego gratification and the need for social acceptance. What you seek is of a greater value and has little to do with your personal gain, although that too is imminent. This is also bringing you closer to a divine kind of love, you may have only dreamed of but didn’t imagine could truly exist.

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Events unfolding mid-month present you with a choice that brings your career sharply into focus, putting you in a hot seat to make a few key changes. This as the pressure mounts for you to find a way out of a seemingly impossible situation around home. Make your decisions now based on faith rather than fear or wanting to escape. You are entering a phase of discovering your solid earthy passion like you never have before. You may feel like you are taking a huge risk. You don’t have to give up your traditional values, but I suggest you be bold in questioning those that are a force of habit. A relationship at this time is key in challenging your more conservative nature asking you to dig deeper than usual to find what turns you on. How much social acceptance do you need to feel comfortable in your own skin? Over the next decade it is your job to unearth how you feel, not what anyone else thinks. It’s time you started deconstructing beliefs and rules you’ve taken for granted and replace them with something closer to your core reality. If you can overcome doubts and stay with this process you are likely to make contact with an expansive part of yourself. One that reveals you to be the pillar of integrity your high standards stem from. You are creating your reality based on who you really are; not surprisingly, this is also what so deeply sought after by the world. You are loved, not by only by one special person, but many who can’t help but be drawn to the sweetness you pour into their lives.

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With Pluto having entered your 4th house you are in for an amazing interior renovation of your closest relationships; uncovering what true security, family and home mean to you. Over the coming years I suggest you make this a conscious process of digging into your past to unearth long forgotten treasures, as well as deep dark secrets. It may also mean you question deeply how you seek approval from those closest to you, or if the “family values” are indeed your values too. Early in the month you are likely getting a sense of the grounding and support available to you, allowing you to take what may seem to others like a huge risk. It may first mean coming to a resolution within yourself that you have a right to be happy. The more you can accept your need to feel like a free spirit, the easier it will be express this to the people in your life. As one situation undergoes a profound transformation this month, listen closely to what someone is trying to tell you. There is a truth there that has the ability to awaken a part of you that longs to be free. By not being in denial of even the painful truths you are being liberated to new level of consciousness that connects you with your soul destiny. Make no mistake your sweet courage is leading the way for many. It is also building the foundation of something real that has the ability to grow into a pillar of support in the years to come. Some may say you’re living the dream – but what’s wrong with that?

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A conversation early this month has the potential to show you just how supported you are within one partnership. This is someone who is a friend and has the potential you to awaken you to a greater truth of your heart. The Full Moon mid-month is presenting you with a choice within an intimate or financial situation asking you how you truly feel about someone or something. No matter how many times you feel like you’ve been through this before, even you know this time marks a distinct fork in the road. It’s now or never, so choose what you really want, based on faith and optimism. If you can avoid projection, you will see that this situation is only as divided as you are; so it may come back to your own self-esteem. In case you haven’t discovered already, your true self is a reflection of the divine in all its glory. You may know this in your soul but your mind tends to play tricks on you. For someone so risqué you can be fairly traditional in your beliefs. Your mission here if you choose to accept it, is to accept your own duality and free yourself from habitual patterns of the mind. You are indeed beginning a journey of melting into a soul-mind or rather a state of no-mind. One honest conversation has the potential to blow your mind free of all false ideas, perceptions, assumptions and illusions in favor of a core truth. You are learning the power of your thoughts and words to manifest into your reality, so it is important you learn to communicate from a state of no-mind, or the heart. Be honest about your needs and willing to listen to what someone is trying to say. This is making space for the kind of relationship to enter your life that heals not only your heart but also your soul.

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Early in the month comes through that reinforces your faith in yourself, giving you recognition for your dedicated efforts. Remember this as you head towards the Full Moon in the middle of the month that is likely to set off a series of long over due changes that may come in quick succession. As one partnership situation comes sharply into focus it is more important than ever to remember the lessons of the past decade. You have learnt (painfully at times) the cost of not being true to yourself; by confronting your insecurities, you are freed of them. Now you know who you are, what you stand for and its time to speak up. As a Sagittarius, you are always a step ahead of the rest in your ability to envision the best possible scenario. More often than not you seem to come through with the goods. When others think they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel you are able to pull out another rabbit from your hat. Ever wonder why this is so? As Pluto enters your 2nd house you are about to learn the reason for your prosperity, lies in your highly ethical value system. It is important now that you redefine your worth by your standards, not by seeking approval from others. As you enter this next phase you are on expedition of digging deep into your own self-esteem to find the true tangible nature of how much you have to offer the world. It’s a towering mountain worth greater than even you could have imagined. You are about to unearth the greatest treasure in the world, which grows from your faith in yourself.

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Early in the month something sweet makes its way into your life reminding you of the reason you aspire to such high ideals. You’ve been working hard to reach past your boundaries of understanding and take a higher perspective so consider this a pay off. But even you know that there is work to be done and the month begins with an intense introspective energy. You are receiving messages from your higher self, but it may be hard for you now to make sense of the dreams or almost screaming voices in your head. Make sure that at this time you are separating fear from intuition, paying close attention to your spiritual truth. This has the power to shine a light on the changes you now know you need to make. One spark of inspiration has the potential to set you on a road to rapid changes. Be bold to speak up for your brightest vision and you will be well on your way to very real manifestation. With Pluto in your 1st house, the next decade is going to be a time for reclaiming your identity in a powerful way. First comes a process of deconstruction, examining the things that just aren’t true about you no matter what you’ve been led to believe all your life. Also it may mean examining the darker side to your personality that places value in social acceptance, rather than understanding that the true worth of an individual comes from their ability to have something utterly unique to offer the world. There’s more to you and you know it. Trust me when I say: the life you’ve been living up until now is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your true potential. The deeper you are willing to dig, the higher the peak you will scale.

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You’ve been through a process of questioning how you feel about a deeply personal situation. You may wonder if anything will ever change and what, if any, power you have to effect this change. You seem to be coming up to a fork in the road asking you to choose between two scenarios. I would suggest you don’t view this as an either or scenario. Rather focus on a long held dream seems to hold the key to this dilemma. You don’t have to choose, if you keep faith in your vision and be willing to speak up for it, it may just be the beginning of a series of turning points. This next phase is taking you underground, as you make contact with a deeper part of your psyche. It is where you secretly may hide fears of being judged or being valued by your peers. But it also the tangible fountain of plenty, that affords you the freedom and ingenuity Aquarians are known for. If you can bring your fears out where you can see them, you’ll find most have practical solutions. Or they are based on the conservative values of society rather than your own infinite pool of understanding. The more you are willing to dissolve these boundaries of understanding the easier it will be to merge the gap between feeling like a revolutionary and a part of the collective. Both are true, you are supported (perhaps by invisible benefactors) but it is still your vision.

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The Full Moon this month is bringing a deep intuitive vision you’ve held, straight into the spotlight. You may feel like all eyes are on you and there is pressure to perform. This may be stretching your usually patient nature within your important partnerships. But I suggest you look closely at what is really bothering you. It may mean admitting that you feel two ways about a situation that deals with an aspect of your emotional or financial security. But duality is always a thing of the mind and I would suggest you see this as an opportunity to yet again push your boundaries to double your potential reward. As you begin to operate from this intuitive perspective, your aspirations will trickle and merge into the greater community you are trying to build. The focus shifts when you realize this is no more about a personal victory but the beginning of a time when you connect with society and have your altruistic dreams manifested in a tangible way. You may first have to free yourself of any limiting perceptions and be willing to survey the landscape as it is not as others tell you it is. You are beginning a long journey of constructing your greatest dream. Recognize please, you are a profoundly psychic creature with a finger on the pulse of a larger collective psyche; indeed it is you leading the way.

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