Sun-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius

There is a powerful alignment of planets in Sagittarius today, as the Sun, Mars and minor planet Ixion conjunct on the Great Attractor. We can expect things to get quite heated and polarized if we aren’t able to listen as well as we speak. It may be hard to keep our true feelings under wraps, there may even be anger.

The presence of Ixion suggests there may be a few shocking realities to confront, or what we learn may unravel something a little more sinister than it’s outward appearance of purity. Given the events of the world, we are more than likely going to see this in the news.

There may be a desire to be free of something, but this is in turn fueling us with the determination to get to the core truth of an issue. If we are willing to be wise and optimistic rather than get impatient and escape a situation; we may get a glimpse into the infinite possibilities now on offer.

Remember there is always enough room for everyones truth. Which in reality is only part of a greater spiritual, divine truth.

I will be back a little later in the day with December Horoscopes which I know are way late!

— Priya, NYC


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