December Monthly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes for Gemini Lunar Eclipse & DECEMBER 2011 MONTHLY Horoscopes

by Priya Kale



You’ve been going through powerful changes on the inside and you may be finally ready to shout out to the world and tell all. But remember sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Rather than get stuck in your opinions keep an open mind and dialogue with those who matter. Be wise, and willing to listen as well as speak and you can gain the perspective you need on a situation allowing you to turn it around. You are being presented with an important choice — aim high. If you can leave the past behind you will see the options available to you, beckoning you to explore new horizons whether metaphorically or literally. A relationship is more solid than you realize and you have friends and people in your world who are nothing short of a God send. Ask for the help you need and it will make its way to you. You are turning a corner towards your destiny, inching closer everyday with your every action, word and deed. You came to this planet with a very special mission and this is your journey of becoming all that you were born to be. Have faith and prepare for a revelation.

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You are learning an important truth about yourself in the light of a financial situation or deeply sexual intimate relationship. You have more power than you realize to turn it all around. But first, be honest with your self about how deeply divided you feel and how you can swing between these extremes. There’s something powerful awakening deep within your subconscious, perhaps the truth about wounds you’ve suffered far back in your childhood. But who are you today? And how long are you going to let unconscious impulses and fears direct your life? Be honest about your secret fears, desires and the healing you need for your heart as you let go of negativity and emotional baggage, perhaps from lifetimes ago. Avoid getting caught up in power struggles. A situation is evolving and you have a say in what happens, but it will require co-operation and your ability to find win-win solutions. You’ve been working hard towards what some would call an elusive dream. But you are worth twice as much as you may have thought and it won’t be long before you see tangible proof of your efforts. Be wise, humble, generous, keep your perspective and you could find yourself on top of the world. And oh… Merry Christmas to you…!

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A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign is putting you in the spotlight, bringing you a huge revelation about yourself and how you feel about your involvement in relationship. Or you may unexpectedly reconnect with a childhood friend or someone from your past, bringing feelings you’d buried rushing back to the surface. Be honest with others by all means, but first be honest with your self first about how you feel — even if what you feel is two ways. All may be fair in love and war, but what are the rules you want to live and love by? Stay true to your highest ideals and acknowledge any double standards or different set of rules you may have for yourself and others. You are learning what it means to be comfortable in your own skin and the future need not be more of the past. As unique as your experience may be you are certainly not alone in this and a relationship is lighting the way forward to your destiny. The more you are honest and offer others the freedom you too need you can have the kind of relationships that offer you security and liberate you to be wholly yourself — all at once.

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Sudden changes within a professional situation thrusting you into the unknown and you may not be sure which way to proceed. This is no doubt triggering deep subconscious impulses within you causing you to doubt a development or your role in a situation. You may feel in the dark or be hesitating with an important choice but there is no reason for you to believe you are cornered, when in truth you have twice as many options as you realize. But busy as you may be putting out fires at work, take special care of your health. Everything seems better after a good nights rest and you could wake up with a near perfect solution to your dilemma. No matter what seems unnerving, if you trust your intuition there is a solution staring you in the face and you can trust what you are learning is setting you on your ‘true path’; towards greater well-being and the kind of success you couldn’t have dared imagine. It will require your commitment, but let go of darker fears that haunt you and you will see the way to manifest the life you secretly dream of. Consider yourself to be a pioneer as you find your voice and put your best ideas into action without expectation of the form they will take. It doesn’t matter so much what you do as it does how you feel at the end of the day. Take it one day at a time and you can live a life that is deeply fulfilling not just to you, but truly heals the world and makes it a better place.

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Creatively, sexually and romantically you are on fire and a Full Moon with your ruler conjunct the North Node is bringing an important friendship, romantic relationship or creative situation to light. You may be having a change of heart, seeing another side to someone or it may be a sudden opportunity that arises asking you to take a leap of faith. Try not doubt yourself, over analyze something or someone or judge a situation or its potential too quickly. Doors that were previously closed are now opening up. You can have the freedom you desire as well as the sexual passion and commitment if you can acknowledge your desires to yourself first. Professionally as well you have more power in a situation than you may have imagined and a situation is turning around to show you your worth. You have options, so be open to exploring your them and experiences that open your world. You don’t have to commit to anything other than following the calling in your heart. Above all have faith in yourself. This is your journey of self-discovery and a rather expansive time for you. And the more you are honest with yourself you can find a way to create the life and attract the love and passion you desire.

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You’ve been on a journey down memory lane but hopefully you are reaching a deeper understanding about your past and where you’ve come from. A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse this month is bringing you to the end of a chapter professionally. Or it may be that feel torn between your professional ambitions and a need for greater material security. Your work can definitely be your comfort zone but ask yourself what you truly need to feel safe? What you need is to be comfortable in your own skin, doing work that not only pays the bills but is personally rewarding as well. As easy as it may be to fall back into old patterns, a professional matter comes to light this week asking you to make an important choice. Things are certainly heating up and a relationship or financial situation is pushing your limits. As unnerving as this may seem, you have an incredible opportunity now to break free of old patterns that have held you back towards creating the kind of stability and freedom you’ve longed for. The tables are turning and it won’t be long before you realize you are the one wielding the power in a situation. Be humble, use it wisely and you can have the world at your feet.

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Hopefully you are beginning to see a relationship or situation in a new light. If not it won’t be long before this month brings a revelation of epic proportions asking you to rethink all you thought there was to know. You may not trust another’s motives entirely and may feel in the dark about their plan of action but try not to polarize a situation. Rather than project suspicion, acknowledge your own subconscious fears, critical tendencies as well your deepest desires that prevent you from trusting. The more you let go of expectations and avoid judging a situation in black and white you will see the truth is all the colors of the spectrum. A conversation is revealing the way forward to your destiny. Don’t underestimate the power of your belief and don’t be afraid to admit you may have been wrong about something. If you keep an open dialogue you can learn a deeper truth bringing you the true perspective you need on a situation that has given you many sleepless nights taking you to a place of greater comfort, security and freedom. Have faith in your most optimistic vision, but keep your feet planted firmly in the ground. Then you can make renegotiate important commitments and make wise choices that bring you closer to the kind of honesty and trust you seek.

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A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your 8th house this month suggests an important relationship and financial situation is reaching a culmination. No doubt this is the end of the road for a certain situation, but you have a greater choice in how things unfold and this is only opening doors for a new chapter to begin. Learn from the past but don’t become a slave to it nor do you need to let it define you. You are more prone to writing your own death sentence just by the power of you beliefs. Where something feels like a life or death situation, remember no human on this planet has power over you. You are only answerable to yourself and to God. And although you may feel the truth is a double edged sword, remember you can fool the world but you can’t fool yourself. Life is bringing you a wake up call and there may be changes at work that affect your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself about what and whom you really want and the habits and patterns you need to let go of to lead a more healthy, authentic and passionate existence. Then you can make choices that put you on the road to your destiny towards the greater financial and personal freedom, you yearn for. All the abundance in the world cannot enter your life if you don’t consider yourself worthy of it. You have more to offer this world than you imagine. And you are every bit worthy of the love, abundance and opportunities opening their arms and doors to you. Believe in yourself.

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You are reaching a creative breakthrough of epic proportions. If you can channel this energy wisely it has the potential to catapult you to new heights of success that you can feel personally proud of. You can be a perfectionist when it comes to work, but remember there is no such thing as perfection. Consider what you are doing professionally a work in progress. This is a labor of your love and an expression and extension of your self. But you are also awakening to the reality of just how much more there is to you so don’t be afraid to stretch your limits, to discovering who you are and your power to create your world as you envision it. Avoid seeing a situation or a relationship in black and white and you will learn an important truth about yourself. You are reaching a fork in the road and a milestone in your journey and reaching the end of a chapter in a relationship. But this need not mean the end of the road, just a fork, leading you to discover a deeper truth about who you are and as you redefine yourself you can find a balance between your needs and another’s. Also make sure you aren’t taking on other people’s doubts to seriously. The more you can have faith in your vision you can gather the support you need to make it a reality and partners will come around to seeing your genius. Something may feel like a huge risk. But as long as you have faith in your self, and trust something makes your heart beat wildly. You are the future.

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After a long time of wandering through the dark and moving through your doubts, hopefully you are beginning to feel the love again and it won’t be long before you see the light. But you are also reaching the end of a chapter and there may be experiences you are having now that you can’t even yet put into words. A situation at work or in your daily life is leading you to a fork in the road asking you to make an important choice. This may not be easy given you don’t have all the information yet. But rather than try to analyze a situation, go inward to find your deepest inspiration. If your health is a concern make sure you are getting enough rest and sleep. You’ve been working hard and you can trust your contribution nor you have gone unnoticed. Get clear on your values and recognize your authority in this world. You may feel torn between your duty and what your heart really desires. But in truth this need not be an either or choice. It doesn’t matter so much what others think of you or how successful or famous you are. What matters is what moves you in your soul and inspires you to wake up each day and greet the world. Soon you will be ready to come out and accept the praise after a rather introspective phase. For now stay humble as you catapult yourself to new heights. Don’t underestimate your power to be the next success story. You are surpassing your parents expectations of you. And this can be a scary thing but the more you can recognize your own authority in this world you can make choices that help you fulfill your soul mission.


You are learning a deep truth about yourself, one that has the potential to surprise you and show you your power within a complex financial situation or sexual relationship. You are evolving on a deep level and this is a rebirth in the way you think, perceive the world around you and express yourself within your sexual and financial commitments and even your creativity. You may fear what you say could be the tipping point in an already strained situation. But don’t be afraid to think out side the box for a solution to any dilemma. If you are conscious of your own fears and desires, you can speak deliberately, making choices that heal and bring prosperity for all, rather than destroy the very thing or trying to create and or the trust you are trying to build. Your words are worth more than you realize and the less you try to control a situation or negotiation process you can release yourself from childhood or mental patterns that you have no desire to repeat. Let go of an idea or expectations of how something needs to unfold or what a relationship should look like and trust something in a natural process of evolution. Be honest about for your needs for greater independence as well as deeper intimacy and commitment you desire. A partner is a friend and is showing you the way to your destiny. Stay focused on the long term rather than giving in to emotional impulses or short term gratification and you can create the future you have dreamed of. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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The Sun conjuncts the North Node in your 10th house at the time of a Solar Eclipse, just as Uranus stations direct in Aries. If you doubt yourself or your abilities in any way prepare to be surprised. Rather, its others who need to watch out for you now. You are a force to be reckoned with and the more you recognize your authority you won’t feel like you are at the mercy of others or forces beyond your control. A professional situation is coming to a light showing you the road to your future. But this may also be triggering deep insecurities within you, stretching your boundaries financially. But this is also showing you just how much more there is to you, how much more you have to offer and how much you are worth. It may be tempting to stay in your comfort zone, but with great power comes great responsibility and all eyes are on you now. Be wise; you do have a lot of power right now, but you don’t have to share the burden alone or let childhood insecurities or traumas weigh you down. It will require you to push through your boundaries and trust another. But if you do, you can encourage others to step up to the plate and carry their share of responsibility. There may be those who have underestimated your capabilities but you don’t need to give in to other people’s fear or doubt, nor fear sharing the limelight. You are a visionary and so have faith your vision and it won’t be long before others follow your lead to bring you the support you need financially as well as emotionally. You’ve got what it takes and then some.

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