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As I write this, Venus is just past her conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. This may have asked for letting go of certain desires, but an aspect like this is burning dross, leaving behind what is golden, precious and worth preserving.

Relationships and financial situations are evolving deeply now, and the less we hang onto the past, the more we can be free to explore fertile possibilities. Also, look closely at your ideas surrounding ‘success,’ at what it means to you and at the conditioning that you need to let go of to unearth your deepest potential.

The Moon has now entered Pisces and will reach its First Quarter phase tomorrow as it squares the Sun and heads toward the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011. Also, the Sun squares Mars at about the same time tomorrow, forming a Mutable T-Square in the sky.

This is bringing us to a major turning point from events that began to surface around the time of the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 25, 2011. This can be very nervous energy, but in awareness we can make important internal adjustments now that put us on the path toward our destiny.

Mars in Virgo is calling for precision as we aim for a target or goal. But the Moon’s Piscean opposition to Mars suggests that the more we let go of fantasies of perfection, the more we open ourselves to the sublime reality and to the fertile, magical possibilities this climate offers.

We are currently in the middle of Eclipses, a time when the mystics say a portal opens to other dimensions and the veil is lifted between the seen and unseen.  The Sun will make an exact conjunction to the North Node on December 6, 2011 and will be in close conjunction at the time of the Eclipse, bringing an important message for our destiny and the road ahead.

The Sun in Sagittarius is at the apex of the T-square (the point of resolution), and there may be great desire to want to “escape” under the pressure of it all.  Work to release the past, opening up space to move toward creating a brighter,  hopeful future. Be wise as you direct this energy consciously and there can be great progress made. Yes, there is pressure, but there are also options; the more open-minded and less critical we are, the better we can seize an opportunity when it arrives.

What matters is that we have faith in ourselves and in our most optimistic vision. Be philosophical about what is unfolding and keep your sight on the bigger picture and long term. Sagittarius is also a reminder that we are being guided by a higher Divine force — whether we call it God or our higher consciousness. There is a difference between ‘knowing’ the path and ‘walking’ the path, and the more we walk in this self-awareness, the more we can become co-creators of our destiny.

— Priya Kale


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