Moon in Taurus | Mercury sextiles GA

Come and relax now
Put your troubles down
No need to bear the weight of your worries
Just let them all fall away.

Pantala Naga Pampa, DMB


Hello All,

Early Friday at 5:54 AM EST the Moon enters Taurus and moves through the sign for most of the weekend until mid-day Sunday.

With the Moon in Aries over the past couple of days, although this has fostered independence there may have been a childish impetuousness in wanting to hang on to personal desires.

As she passes through Taurus she links with the planets in Pisces starting with the Sun offering opportunities to slip away from the grind and relax a bit.

But first soon after her ingress into Taurus she squares retrograde Mars in Leo. There may be a few inner pride and ego issues to deal with at this time. Squares point to an internal resolution — there is no sense in being stubborn about something that ultimately only stands in the way of your own desires.

A little later in the day on Friday at 3:41 PM EST, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles the Great Attractor in Sagittarius. We could be having important conversations at this time and there is new information coming to light. Be honest and willing to see a greater truth. The Great Attractor can tend to polarize things but in reality it is only the mind that cannot comprehend anything beyond a dual state.

With Mercury in Aquarius if we can keep an open mind, we can truly see new light in a situation. Create a safe space for a dialogue where each person can speak honestly and feel heard without judgment. This can only come with mutual respect and genuine desire to learn the truth. Which in this case seems to be more like a brilliant multifaceted precious diamond, rather than a two-sided story.

Also at almost the exact time of the Mercury-GA aspect, the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. We are evolving emotionally to a new level of maturity, cooperation, respect and understanding. Whether this is a business or personal situation, this is about values. Ground yourself in what is important and build on that as you evolve to find your highest integrity.

Friday night, early Saturday depending on where you are could prove to be rather “feel good” and romantic. With the earthy abundant Taurus Moon sextiling Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, the energy is rather indulgent almost begging us to explore our sensuality, sexuality and creativity.

With the Sun also in Pisces it should be easier to go with the flow but just be gently warned of excess and your hedonistic streak (I know I have one.) If we can focus our energy on what and who we value this could prove to be a rather soulfully enriching, divine experience.

There are a couple of major aspects developing on Saturday, with Juno trine Vesta and the Sun forming a quincuncx Mars. Also the Taurus Moon makes more aspects before she ingresses Gemini on Sunday, bringing us to a turning point of events that began with the New Moon. There’s golden alchemy in the works. I’ll be back with with the Weekly Horoscopes and more on the developing astrology late tonight or early Saturday.

On the whole, this could actually prove to be a rather lush grounding weekend. If you can, escape to a place you know you will be loved, comforted and valued. Even if you happen to be spending this weekend alone immerse yourself in that which bring you joy, pleasure allowing you to experience the richness, magic and eternal depth of each transient moment. We could be discovering diamonds and pearls…

Peace and Love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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