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Important Note: I made a glaring mistake in the previous Blog and Full Moon report. This Virgo Full Moon coincides with Holi and not Guru Pornima as I mistakenly wrote. Apologies for any confusion.


Earlier today the Sun entered Aries and made a conjunction to Uranus in the sign, transporting us into a whole new world, enlightened with a blazing new awareness.

Personally, it’s been a rather magical Full Moon weekend with my family. What struck me most profoundly was the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the zodiac “Sabian Symbol: Virgo 29 – “A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind.” so I figured I would share my experience.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been diving into my roots, exploring and studying Vedic astrology. Soon after I arrived in Mumbai, I received a call from a long time reader of this Blog for a consultation for herself and her son.

It turns out her parents, used to go to my grandfather for astrology readings, reminding me of the deeper Karmic connection I share with him.

Some of you may know my paternal grandfather was an Astrologer (as was my maternal grandfather’s father – my great grandfather) although he passed away in 1967, 10 years before I was born. But given that like him, Astrology is my livelihood I feel more connected to him today than I ever did.

Then over the past Full Moon weekend while I was visiting my Uncle in Pune, he showed me my grandfather’s diary. In it were precious, priceless notations from his study of astrology, the planets and energy — things he probably spent a lifetime learning and studying, and words of wisdom.

I’m still soaking it all in, but I plan to go back to Pune soon and studying his archive of books and charts.

Now the Moon is in Scorpio and things are due to get deeper and more mysterious over the coming days.

The recent Full Moon brought deep profound revelations, but in the light of new awareness comes the need to integrate this into our “being.”

I have a busy few days ahead of me with Consultations and Horoscopes to write but I’ll be back with more astrology soon enough so please check in. Bye for now…

— Priya Kale, Mumbai


The unbelievably, amazing photograph above of Friday’s Virgo ‘Supermoon’ was sent to me by Niles, taken by his friend Mike Ciasullo an aeronautical engineer and photo-buff since 1980.


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