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So long ago.
Was it in a dream?
Was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know.
It seemed so very real,
seemed so real to me.

# 9 Dream, John Lennon


Dear Friends,

We are now approaching the Virgo Full Moon exact later tonight on Mar. 19, 2011. Clearly the situation raging in Japan and its effects are rippling out into the world.

That there is a need for healing and a need to look beyond the obvious and apparent is a given. But the hope is that in the midst of tragedy people unite in awareness of how fragile life is, and just how much we have to be grateful for. Hopefully, this will move people to take action and make necessary changes for this to be a better world for us all.

Mercury entered “shadow” or “echo” phase yesterday. Pay attention in all your communication. There is information surfacing that could prove to be rather valuable given Mercury’s close proximity to Jupiter. It will require an open-mind, willingness to trust and have faith in one self, if we are to seize the opportunities arising.

There may be a level of impatience with situations and Mercury in Aries doesn’t easily take no for an answer. Persistence can be a good thing and priceless asset; as Mercury moves and later retrogrades through Aries, this is a longer process emerging asking us to focus and direct our thoughts consciously as we manifest them.

Mercury opposed Saturn on Friday: there may have been a sense of banging our heads against a wall. Saturn is in Libra, suggesting only communication and negotiation can help us to find the balance and support we need [and in reality, is present.]

Mercury stations retrograde on Mar. 31, 2011. It will retrograde back to the point occupied on Mar. 17, 2011 before stationing direct on April 23, 2011 (also the day Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries.)

Speak honestly about your desires, and listen to another’s needs and desires as well to find a mutual compromise that works for everyone involved. This is a longer process emerging asking us to learn to compromise, rather than be defiant or throw a tantrum when our ‘wants’ are not met, when we want, what we want and how we want it.

As the Moon enters and grows full in Virgo, avoid blowing things out of proportion. It is easy to be critical and see imperfections in light of unattainable fantasy.

Pisces represents the ethereal and Divine; which manifest in an earthly form never appears as magical or lucid to our limited mental vision and understanding. Reality rarely matches fantasy. It can’t. But it can be better than the fantasy if we care enough to see.

This Virgo Full Moon exacts on Saturday, Mar. 19, 2011 at 2:10 PM EST and at 11:39 PM in Mumbai. The Pisces Sun suggests if we look deeper, we could gain clarity on an eternal unchanging soul truth.

Something could indeed be a dream come true – a Divine reality that needs to be nurtured and cherished, rather than burdened with the weight of our projections, perceptions and expectations of perfection.

Also at this time Mars forms an exact opposition to Juno in Virgo, bringing relationships into focus. Recognize there is no such thing as “the one” – rather the One comes to us in many forms mostly disguised in the unexpected. It takes special eyes to see and open heart to receive the light. Our ideals of a perfect relationship is what could stop us from recognizing a ‘soul mate,’ or finding the healing we need within ourselves.

Ours is not to know why. But if we can flow in the grace of this gift of life, One with the Divine consciousness within we begin to experience even the imperfections are part of the perfection and magic.

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, the Divine Mother that births Divine consciousness. Indeed, everything is sacred…

Happy Holi and Happy Full Moon and Belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone,

With Love,

Priya Kale, Mumbai.


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