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Dear Friends,

We’re through a potent Eclipse season now, and if you look around the world and your world, it’s a whole new landscape… There are major events unfolding, bringing shocking news in many cases, revealing the abuse of power, and corruption that needs to be uprooted at the source.

On May 25, 2013 a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse asked that we let go of what we think we know, if we want to get to the truth. Now as we enter June, the Moon is in Pisces past its conjunction to Neptune and past its Last Quarter phase.

There may be a sense that this rabbit hole goes much deeper than we first thought. And as the Moon squares Mercury, Jupiter and Venus over the next day expect more news to come spilling out.

A lot of what you thought was true, might have been a smokescreen or veil. A situation may seem to be getting murkier by the minute. But this is the time to seek clarity and objectivity rather than project suspicion without fact, or be in denial.

Clearing one’s mind of perceptions is easier said than done. But right now, it’s almost impossible to be in denial, or be sleeping at the wheel at this time. But no amount of shaking someone will wake them, if they are only pretending to be asleep or blind. So it’s important to use your discernment and seek an inner truth.

Also, yesterday, Mercury and Mars changed signs to enter Cancer and Gemini respectively. Communication can flow now, even as more information leaks, surfacing deep truths.

But be aware, emotions often cloud perceptions. Be conscious of your insecurities or you could end up being defensive and saying things in the heat of the moment that you don’t really mean, or may later regret. Your mind and tongue are razor sharp now – you could cut to the heart of a matter or stab someone in the heart with your words.

We are learning the power of words to heal or wound, and this climate calls for deep sensitivity and awareness. Then you can bridge a divide, deepening understanding and trust, allowing the past to be water under the bridge.

The truth, may hurt at first (because it comes with the loss of perceptions that we have clung to) but, is ultimately liberating, allowing us the freedom to make choices in awareness.

Pay attention to the messages coming through now – Mercury (the messenger) is leading the way for the rest of the planets as they join her/him/it in Cancer through the month. And this is bringing us the first hint of what’s to come as Jupiter enters Cancer at the end of the month…

I’ll be back with more soon. In the meanwhile, to learn how these aspects might be playing out in your life contact me for a Personal Consultation and together we can gain insight on your life.

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