February Monthly Horoscopes




Socially, you’re the buzz this month. The people you can meet and connections you make are poised to move you into the public eye. There is a sweet deal coming your way, but let go of trying to maintain total control. It will be easier to inspire others to adopt your way of thinking than to force an agenda. Become aware of your own unconscious agenda or of fears that prevent you from reaching for the success that you desire. You can rewrite rules and renegotiate agreements that can bring greater freedom and tangible progress both personally and professionally. Be cooperative and express your needs honestly while offering others the space and respect to do the same and to feel heard. You have the stability that you need within important relationships, and what you need now is a restoration of balance. As Chiron enters your 12th house this month and transits for the next 8 years, above all keep awareness of your dreams and of a deeper, unseen force that guides you toward you destiny. Be wise, generous and willing to share the spotlight, but make no mistake — you are leading the way.

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You are reaching a vantage point in your life that is granting you precious perspective. But if you want to manifest your destiny, then you have to become aware of what prevents you from reaching for the success you deserve. Professionally, you have every opportunity to reach your goals, but recognize that your aspirations are quite different from what the world aspires to. Your ideas and brilliance are all your own, and you would rather go without than settle for anything less than the best. What you need is more confidence in your own achievements and in what you are able to manifest if you set your heart to it. As you come to a profound inner realization of your own power, an obstacle that you’ve long struggled with is about to give way. You are learning the power of faith (your power) to move mountains if need be. You are free to live the best life that you can dream of, and there is no earthly reason why your most brilliant ideas can’t be given a voice. There may be those who are jealous of your success, but you know who you are. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Just keep your eye on the big picture, on what you are trying to manifest, and make your way one step at a time.

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You are on the fast track to freedom and success. Your horizons are opening up in a big way, and the more you open your mind, the greater the thrill that you will experience. It’s natural to be scared or nervous in anticipation of the unknown and unseen, but avoid subscribing to mob mentality, paranoia or mass hysteria. Have faith in your own ability to make new friends, inspire and be inspired along a journey that could be either metaphorical or physical. Especially when it comes to your dreams and ambitions, remember: this is your life. Be driven yet philosophical in your approach to discovering new paths to success. As Chiron enters your 10th house, be in no denial of a long-cherished professional dream. You have a gift, but it won’t help as long as you continue to doubt yourself. Have faith in yourself, in your abilities, and in what you can accomplish. You have the support of people (perhaps even at a distance) who can help you to manifest a heart’s desire. Meanwhile, a deeply sexual, personal or financial situation is evolving. Let go of trying to control a situation or feeling at the mercy of others. There are friends waiting in the wings who will carry you forward. Keep sight of your objectives, and you won’t get carried away.

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Hot on the heels of a New Moon in your 8th house, Chiron enters your 9th house this month. Your life is changing dramatically, and your intimate relationships and financial situations are heating up considerably. But maintain clarity and perspective on the highest vision that you see for your life. You have a mission to accomplish, and opportunities to manifest your destiny are present in abundance. What you need is greater faith in knowing that you deserve this unbounded pleasure, as well as the freedom to express yourself wholly. Be in no denial about the subtle ways in which you feel like others have power over your destiny. This is an internal struggle; you can free yourself from those perceptions if you can begin to acknowledge them. You are the authority in your own life, and the more you are able to express your individuality, the more you will find you can inspire the support you need, both financially and emotionally. Communication and negotiation will be key, and honesty is the best policy. But remember that you can break through those walls with love rather than engaging in power struggles. Inspire others with drive and vision, and you can regain the balance of power in a precarious situation.

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A New Moon cycle in your opposite sign is heating up your relationships, making a clean sweep, asking you to clear out the cobwebs and go after what you want. You may be discovering new passion, or perhaps understanding what attracts you to another. Some of this may surprise even you. Chiron in Aquarius over the past 8 years has brought you a deep awareness of the woundedness that you may have felt often in your relationships and that may have caused you, at times, to isolate yourself in fear of not being accepted for your unique desires. Acknowledge those fears that fuel mistrust and prevent you from opening up. Ask for the space that you need rather than running for the hills in fear of being hurt again. At work and personally, clear space in your world for those relationships and things that bring you deep satisfaction. Uranus in Pisces over the past 8 years has liberated you from shallow desires and hopefully delivered an awareness of what is real, sublime and eternal. This has meant pushing through your boundaries and surrendering perception in order to dive and explore greater depths in your commitments. Financially as well as sexually, this has taught you not to cling, but to trust in the ebb and flow of life. Over the next 8 years, Chiron’s transit through Pisces has the potential to bring you deep sexual healing and the financial solvency that you seek. You can live a life that you love if you begin by letting go and opening up to receiving these pleasures daily.

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You may be busier than usual at work. That’s saying a lot for you, when your whole life is dedicated to the service of others. But be in no denial now of what or who drains your energy and of what or who inspires you to give your best. The more you harbor an awareness of this truth daily, the easier it will be to draw boundaries and to find the balance between giving of yourself and taking care of yourself. Pay attention to your health first, and channel any nervousness that you feel about starting this new cycle so that you may devote it to what you love. Yes, there are big changes sweeping through your world, but you don’t have to worry that you will be blown away. This is not about what others think, but about what or whom you want to dedicate your life to creating. When it comes to love, there is deep healing on the way, but you have to lower your defenses a little and allow yourself to receive the love that you desire. Be careful of the subtle ways in which your expectations and conditions may be standing in the way. It’s always nice to be wined and dined, but ultimately what you want is a love that only evolves through the daily trials and tribulations of life. As Chiron enters Pisces, a relationship is drawing you toward your destiny, but first acknowledge the pain that prevents you from taking a risk or going deeper. If you can “let go,” then rather than losing something, you are more likely to discover something precious and rare beyond all earthly measure.

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Dig deep this month; push through your family’s conditioning to discover a precious reality about yourself. What you need is a space where you feel safe enough to be yourself and to be accepted for it. The past 8 years have brought you an undeniable awareness of your heart and its desires. A romantic relationship, creative or very personal situation is calling on you to take a risk. But what is it that prevents you from going further? As long as you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, there is no fear of your getting swept away in a whirlwind. Nor do you need to fear disappointing anyone or need approval from anyone. Break through your  own unconscious fears that prevent you from exploring your creativity and passion so that those gifts can bring you a more meaningful experience of life daily. As long as you are being true to yourself and to your heart, you can only make the right personal choices. Surround yourself with the people, things and activities that heal you and make your heart sing with joy. You can create the life you dream of right here on earth. It need not be a distant fantasy. As Chiron enters Pisces, your 6th house, choose to let your life over the next 8 years be a song and prayer that heals others with its gentle presence.

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Clear space in your life and your world for something new to enter. This month finds you growing in emotional and material security and hopefully recognizing the very personal mission of your soul. A relationship that has been tense for awhile is likely to benefit from your ability to be open-minded. If this is not a personal relationship, then it could be your own psychological relationship with love or money or deep desire in your heart. There are tangible pleasures and treasures that surround you, and there’s a sweeter reality about to hit you in the face. Why should this worry you then? Is it because you suspect that you do not deserve joy or happiness? Or that something cannot be this easy? Or perhaps you feel that anything that comes that easily can’t really be worth much? As Chiron enters your 5th house, sexually, romantically and creatively, this can be a deeply healing transit if you acknowledge an undeniable truth in your heart. Life and love were meant to be lived and experienced. Dive deep into your heart and be honest about what makes you feel vulnerable or about any pain that you may carry from past experiences. If you maintain awareness, then you can heal and release yourself of the past in order to experience deeper pleasure, surrender and healing in the eternal now.

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Financially as well as emotionally, your situation is set to improve, but this will come from your ability to be honest about what you need. Communication and negotiation is the key to success, but be careful that you aren’t trying too hard to please. There may be some who disapprove, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. All that you can do is be true to yourself in any given moment about whom and what you value. Rather than hold on too strongly to your opinion, or even to your expectations (especially regarding a financial or emotional commitment), be open-minded and look to where you can find common ground with another. As long as you stay true to your integrity and think win-win, you can find a solution that benefits everyone in the long run. You do not merely seek material and emotional security; you are in the process of evolving, reclaiming and recognizing your true worth. Let go of the superficial standards of this material world so that you may find your integrity. Make commitments based on your innermost truth and on what and whom you love. Be in no denial of what drains your energy and resources. What you’ll be left with will be pure gold and worthy of your commitment and dedication.

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You’ve spent a long while wondering whether or not you will find the kind of love, happiness and fulfillment that you crave. As Venus enters your sign this month, there is every reason for you to believe that you will, but this transit will bring with it a discovery that such love comes from the inside out. Whether love or hate, it is easy to project emotions onto another than it is to trace them back to the source – you. The love that’s entering your world will come from your own focus on what it is that you have to give. It doesn’t matter what you thought life was going to be like. If you can let go of expectations, then you will see that what you have is a pretty sweet deal. You are more unique and different than you think, and so are your desires. Be honest with yourself above all. Only you know what’s true for you. Don’t even bother trying to compare yourself with others, nor do you need to please anyone. Acknowledge and own your stuff; you can change what prevents you from expressing yourself freely. Be honest with yourself about what you need in order to feel accepted and materially or emotionally secure. You are breaking through years of conditioning to become aware of your destiny. This need not be an impossible dream.

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You’re probably ready to scream your head off and give a few people a piece of your mind. I’m not asking you to bite your tongue, but an air of detachment would work in your favor. No matter what you fear, there is a sweeter reality that you can’t fully see yet. Be in no denial of any self-esteem issues that prevent you from reaching for or manifesting your destiny. With love as with money, what matters is what you desire. And the less you are attached to an outcome, the greater the chance that you will find a way to reach a turning point. Over the past 8 years, with Chiron moving through your sign, you have grown in self-awareness more than you ever imagined possible. As isolated and different as you may have felt from others at times, you’ve also learned how intrinsically connected we all are. You have a unique gift, and the recent past has shown you the infinite depth of what you have to offer. Keep awareness of this and be wise as you speak for what you know to be true. Also be humble enough to admit that you don’t know it all. This will help you to direct the course of a conversation so that it brings everyone more of what they need, restoring an important balance of power. You don’t have to please anyone. Just accept yourself and, despite your doubts, you just could find a way to manifest your most secret desires.

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With all the activity in your 12th house, including a powerful New Moon, it may feel like you are buzzing on a different frequency. You may have deep, perhaps raging doubts about a situation or a partnership. But even if you feel like you can’t fully trust another, have faith in yourself and your own judgment. It’s true that you don’t have all the information, so if you feel unsure, then trust your instincts. But you know what you need to know, and that much you can trust. Be wise, and you can gain handsomely from something. As Chiron enters your sign this month, be in no denial of your very special gifts of healing, as well as of your own wounds. A healer is one who has learned to heal himself, and the first step to healing is acknowledging pain that exists even if it’s easier denied. You can only deny something for so long before it begins to seep into your world in toxic ways. A close, personal relationship or friendship is evolving. As long as you are true to yourself, you can make choices that are right for you and for everyone involved. Your awareness is guiding your destiny and the destiny of a greater collective.

NEW! 2011 Annual Horoscopes | Weekly Horosocopes Saturn in Libra 2010-2012 | Personal Astrology Consultations

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