Weekend Astrology: Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius, Venus conjuncts North Node

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Hello Friends,

I did predict the unpredictable – and the joke’s on me. I had to postpone my flight due to unavoidable circumstances, and there was no availability until next week, so I’m stuck in this icy weather for a little longer. But it gives me enough time to tie up loose ends, given that astrologically, it’s prime time for a clean sweep.

The recent Aquarius New Moon has brought an emotional emptying out. This is clearing the air, recharging stale situations with fresh inspiration, creating space for the new to rush in.

Also, this is Chiron’s last week in Aquarius before it enters Pisces on Feb. 8, 2011. Chiron has been transiting through Aquarius since 2004, bringing deep cleansing, and hopefully healing, in this area of your life. But in order for healing to happen, we have to acknowledge our pain and our woundedness.

In Aquarius, this has had a lot to do with feelings of isolation that often come from fear of rejection or of not being accepted. There is a great desire to please others and to connect, but it cannot be at the cost of one’s individuality. With Chiron, the message is always awareness.

One of the best examples of Aquarian energy I can think of would be Oprah. Studying charts of celebrities is one way to learn Astrology, as the stars tend to live very public lives. Personally, I don’t study astrology that way – although I will look up a chart when someone intrigues me.

But the reason I give Oprah as an example is her talk show. It never fails to amaze me how accurately it represents the cosmic zeitgeist of the day. She recently even announced a half-sister she never knew about.

All this occurred while Venus (female/sister) was in Scorpio (secrets/bloodlines) in her 10th house (mother/public image), at a time when the show is coming to an end as she launched her ‘OWN’ network. We can study energy patterns by observing situations all around us at any given moment.

Given how profoundly the stars speak to me in my life, the passage of Chiron through Aquarius (my 4th house) has brought deep and liberating lessons. The 4th house rules the home, family, one’s sense of security. I moved into my current apartment in 2004 shortly after my divorce.

Now, as Chiron leaves the sign, I am leaving this apartment and a lifetime of growing up. With Aquarius on my 4th-house cusp, there is nothing I love more than a home full of people, friends and family. But I also love and relish my own company, space and solitude just as much.

To me, security has always meant freedom, and I am learning that freedom begins with self-acceptance. It was fate that brought me to this country and fate that kept me here. Now I feel I’ve come full circle, and I cast my fate to the wind yet again, knowing that wherever I am, I’m already home.

As Chiron prepares to leave Aquarius next week, take a close look at the area of your chart that this sign rules. Look at how far you’ve come over the past eight years. What are the wounds you are being liberated from? Isolation is not the answer when what we seek is acceptance for our individuality. Mercury has now joined the stellium in Aquarius, with the Moon in a close approaching conjunction to Chiron as write this.

With the heavy Aquarius energy present, it’s probably becoming increasingly obvious that there is no such thing as normal. Find self-acceptance, and be in no denial about what keeps you from connecting on a deeper level. In this there can be liberation, allowing us to “be.”

Meanwhile, the sky is heating up. On Friday (today), the Sun conjuncts Mars in Aquarius, and Venus conjuncts the North Node on approach to conjunctions with Vesta and Pluto.

As we can see in Egypt, there are angry mobs seeking justice. In your personal life as well, change is in the air but the upcoming Venus-Pluto conjunction promises to be rich, fertile, profitable and luscious.

With the Sun-Mars conjunction, it may be hard to hold back the brutal truth. And it’s true: sometimes it takes a certain amount of force to get your point across. But the energy currently suggests that you can get your point across just as (if not more) effectively with a level of detachment and conscious direction. You can break through those walls with love quicker than with anger or hate.

As Venus conjunct the North Node on Friday, consider this a date with destiny, especially within relationships and financial situations. And with the Moon in Pisces over the weekend, it should be easier to let those emotions flow.

I’ll be back with your February Monthly Horoscopes later today, and subscribers can look for your Weekly Horoscopes late over the weekend.

I wish you a very Happy New Moon… Bye for now…


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