Fool Moon and crazy communication…

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Welcome to a new week after a heavy duty Full Moon in Cancer which may have brought on the waterworks for some. There were powerful aspects developing at the time of this lunation providing much earthy energy to soak up the emotion, so hopefully there was comfort around. Regardless of what surfaced, it’s time to go deeper.

Mercury stationed retrograde right about the time of the Full Moon; Information tends to surface when Mercury changes direction. This could be sharp insight, revelation or could just spell for “crazy” communication. No matter what has taken a “reverse” turn, trust that we are getting a second chance at conversations to retrace and break through old mental patterns and be receptive to purer inspiration. An out of this world idea may be the key, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at the end of the week. Retrograde Mercury suggests perhaps we need to open our minds and allow lightning to strike.

Honesty is important now even as we nurture the relationships important to us. Someone once said to me truth without compassion and compassion without truth, both can be equally damaging, you need both if there is to be healing. There are fewer aspects taking place between major planets during the week.

Today, the Sun trines a retrograde Logos (conjunct Saturn) suggesting we may need to stand logic on it’s head if we want to make something work. As Uranus in Pisces trines Varuna retrograde in Cancer, we are being reminded to stay true to the voice of a higher self, we can make contact with a higher divine energy if we do that guides us through the raging waters.

I’ve written a detailed Cancer Full Moon report (link and excerpt couple of posts below this one) covering aspects carrying us forward like a swelling tide over the next two weeks. We are heading into a beautiful Solar Eclipse on Jan. 26, 2009 with a stunning alignment of planets in Aquarius. I have mentioned before, I had a dream about this eclipse chart over a year ago and I am particularly intrigued, realistically optimistic and hopeful about this date.

I will be here working on the 2009 Horoscopes and will check in at some point over the next couple of days. Mercury is retrograde so if anyone needs to reach me, or emails me and do NOT hear back from me in over two days PLEASE email me back. I am a little tied up with the horoscopes, so if it is not urgent I will reply as soon as I can get to it and I appreciate your patience at this time.

Take care and bye for now…


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