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Virgo New Moon: Weekly Horoscopes for Sep. 2, 2013


If you’re feeling introspective, wanting to lay low, you’re in tune with the Cosmos. We’re moving towards a rather gentle Virgo New Moon (exact on Sept. 5, 2013 at 7:36 AM EDT) with great potential for healing and cosmic assistance where we are willing to do the work.

Yesterday the Moon sextiled Venus in Libra at 1:52 PM EDT Sept. 3, 2013 and went Void of course until 6:43 AM EDT this morning on Sept. 4, 2013 entering Virgo.

This was/is a rather creative and fertile Balsamic phase, offering space for birthing creative ideas, perhaps even a fresh breath of honesty in relationships so there can be space created to meet mutual desires and needs for support, healing and exploring passion. Ideas and conversations you have could be the seed of something golden.

This is an extremely fertile New Moon —  very significantly Jupiter in Cancer, sextiles this New Moon — suggesting there is help on offer, and a huge cushion of support where you need it the most. But we have to be open to receive.

But still before the lunation as the Moon disappears in the sky, there is certainly a feeling of going inward. Release tension, worry and nervous energy. Be creative, constructive and allow yourself to be a vessel for a higher consciousness streaming in.

Virgo represents represents one’s work, daily routines and health. And often physical health problems stem from deeper psychosomatic issues — showing us the essential nature of Virgo that connects the mind, body and spirit acting as one — and where there is an imbalance it can manifest in different ways. Take better care of your body, health, so you can be more productive at work and live a life of deeper meaning and purpose.

The days after the New Moon offer a huge push of productive, healing energy. But the pressure is also building as we move towards a Mars-Saturn square on Sept. 9, 2013. Mars is in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, this could be a battle of wills, or a feeling of boundaries that you “dare not cross.”

” If you have planets at or close to 7+ degrees of the fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius — you’re likely to feel this aspect more profoundly and personally.

“Squares always represent an inner resolution. And in truth it’s always an inner journey. It’s we tend to focus on external events to validate us that we lose touch with “reality.” Saturn is as real as it gets. Saturn sets boundaries, limits, but it also teaches empowers and gives structure and authority.

Arrogance or heavy handedness is likely to blow up in your face. Humility, inner confidence and integrity, on the other hand, can move mountains and achieve what would otherwise call for superhuman strength.”Priya Kale, September 2013 Cosmic Weather

Leading into the New Moon, weed out what is unnecessary, a waste or drain on your energy and resources.  Then you can start off with a clean slate, feed what is important and make tangible constructive progress as the weeks progress.

Everything we need is already provided for us, “the lilies do not toil…” Be mindful as you rise above insecurities, do what you can, feed what is important and that is what will grow. No matter how great a task or goal may seem, if we are willing to nurture and nourish something with devotion, we can find the help and resources to bring it to life.

I’ll be back with more on life and Astrology soon… In the meanwhile take care of yourself and I wish you a very Happy New Moon,




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