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Hello there,

It’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve been on the move, in transition, and a lot of is shifting in my world as it is in the sky and likely your life. Planets are changing signs and there are major aspects daily now and through the end of the month suggesting deep rooted changes in play.

Today, Mars enters Leo, bringing with it a sense of urgency, igniting new passion — spurring us to act, take risks. Spontaneity will be key through this transit, with an ability to trust oneself — he who hesitates is lost. But it’s also important to watch for over confidence, any sense of grandiosity or arrogance. Look before you leap, you’ll land on your feet.

I’ve written your Daily Horoscopes for Yasmin Boland for today and tomorrow at her website Today’s horoscopes for Aug. 28, 2013 are valid through the entire transit of Mars in Leo over the coming six weeks. And I will post them separately on this website as a permanent link a little later today or tomorrow as time permits.

Currently the Moon in Gemini, moving to a trine with Venus exact later tonight here in the US. This is a great time to channel your creativity, negotiate financial or personal arrangements, a heart to heart or perhaps to write a love letter…

It takes two to tango, recognize your role in a situation, know your boundaries and you can find the balance, harmony, compromise and teamwork you need without anyone feeling the need to have to sacrifice an integral part of themselves or their integrity.

Also, today marks “Krishna Janmashatami,” which marks the birth of Krishna. Ashtami — stands for the 8th day of the Waning Lunar phase — and it was at this lunar date that Krishna was born.

Krishna was also the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudeva. His birth was accompanied with a torrid rainstorm, as he made his journey into the night from his birth place in prison (where his birth parents were kept) to Gokul the place where he was raised by Yashoda and Nanda. Here is a Wiki link to the story of his birth.

It’s interesting to me that he was the 8th son, born on the 8th lunar phase and he is also the 8th Avatar of Vishnu. The number “8” in Numerology as well as in Astrology (8th sign and house being ruled by Scorpio) represents “transformation” on a primal level, leading to the deepest of surrenders — the surrender of the ego — allowing one to resurrect and rebirth with awakened consciousness, aware of one’s divinity while in the flesh.

‘Krishna’ is eternal, immortal and “his” essence, ‘Krishna Consciousness’ is all pervasive, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. We are now at the Last Quarter of the Moon and the astrology right now offers a chance to channel and birth that pure consciousness within, to awaken and embody it, as we move towards the Virgo New Moon on Sep. 5, 2013.

Below is an excerpt from the August Cosmic Weather report — covering the aspects over the coming days as we reach the end of the month as well as the recent Sun-Neptune opposition. Here is a link to the full report. (This report is part of the Cosmic Diaries Subscriber Service sent out to subscribers at the beginning of the month. To receive your report for September in your mail, you can sign up here for a One week free trial.)

On a personal note — I arrived in Washington DC last night from Kingston, NY and will be heading back to Kingston later tonight (where I plan to spend the next few months at least) and the forecast calls for rain. I can’t help notice the symbolism, and I’m intrigued, as I begin this journey and new chapter in my life. This also means, if you’re in the Hudson Valley, I will be available for in-person Astrology readings.

I’m ready to get on the road, but I will catch on the other side soon with more on life and astrology… Bye for now…


Priya Kale


A look back on August: August Cosmic Weather 2013

(Click link to read Full report for August 2013 posted to free portion of site. To receive the September Cosmic Weather in your email, sign up here for a one week Free Trial.)

August Cosmic Weather 2013

An Excerpt ==

“A pivotal moment arrives at the end of August, taking us over a threshold, especially within financial situations and relationships. Between Aug, 24, 2013 to Aug. 27, 2013, Venus squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and squares Jupiter, and the Sun and Mercury oppose Neptune. There is a feeling of being caught in the cross hairs, or fighting a very shady or elusive character or enemy.

“Pay attention now or you could slip up on important details that could make all the difference in how something progresses. With Venus opposing Uranus — there are bound to be a few unexpected perhaps even shocking developments that come out of the blue and catch us unaware. But still this is organized chaos: we’re entering a turnstile and turning a corner now. Something may never be the same again, but knowing what you know would you want to go back?

“With the Sun-Neptune oppositions, there may even be a feeling of having met a soul mate. But a “soul mate” in reality is not as romantic as it sounds. The people in our lives may indeed be mirroring deep truths, especially about where we need healing. True “love” is always unconditional, but relationships are a choice. And it’s time now to make wiser choices, in awareness of the lessons we’ve learned and are learning.

“Venus opposed Neptune late last month, as Mars opposed Pluto — bringing a lot of shadow stuff to the surface. There were questions being raised about whether it is possible to truly love another without attachment and expectation. Now we’re learning the answer, and being given an opportunity to put the ideals of unconditional love and non-attachment into practice.

“Keep close discernment and beware of projecting fears or fantasies. And take a deep breath before you react impulsively. Something may be triggering deeper fears, but it is granting a deeper glimpse into the rabbit hole. You may not like all you’re seeing or learning, and it may be easier to remain in denial. But the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves, and illusions can be a dangerous thing. Where one is willing to acknowledge the truth — no matter how difficult, there can be deep soul healing and liberation.

“What’s unfolding now is rebalancing the scales in a situation that has gone too far. Be honest with yourself and others.There is a chance now to break free of destructive relationship patterns and truly move forward into relationships where there is equality, teamwork, honesty and respect. Be detached, offer others freedom that you too need. Focus on your inner peace and balance and external events won’t disturb you.

“Be honest, listen to your heart and you can attract the relationships that offer you the balance, support, harmony and companionship you need. The next stage of development in the process will come as the Sun, Mercury and the rest of the planets follow in the Venus’ footsteps over the coming months.

“On Aug. 28, 2013 Mars enters Leo and will transit through the sign until mid October. Mars in Leo is passionate, creative, romantic, adventurous energy and it’s a matter of channeling this energy to make the most of it. Look at where you have Leo in your natal chart — that’s where you can expect to feel the heat over the coming weeks. Also keep your ego in check, and you can direct this energy in a constructive, creative way. If you’re going to do something, you might as well have fun while you’re doing.

“There are a host of other aspects occurring at this time, as Mercury trines Pluto, opposes Chiron on Aug. 28-29, 2013, on Aug. 30, 2013 the Sun sextiles Saturn, on Aug. 31, 2013 Mercury sextiles Jupiter and finally the Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn as we enter the next month on the very first day. For all the chaos recently, as the planets align through the end of the month, something’s coming together.

“Consciously dig deeper to the source of a wound, rather than put a bandaid on something, even if it means acknowledging painful truths or getting your hands dirty. Only then we can truly begin to heal, fix something. The Sun’s trine Pluto is bringing darker realities to the surface. But this is a solid earthy aspect, the deeper you’re willing to go, the higher you can climb. The deeper the roots, the taller the tree…”


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