Gates of Eden: Virgo Full Moon, Feb 24 -March 10, 2024

We’re under the energy of healing and defining Virgo Full Moon, marking a milestone and turning point.

On Feb 24, the Virgo Full Moon exactly opposed (Mercury, Saturn, and) the Sun in Pisces at 7:30 AM, and trined Jupiter. Hours later Venus squared Jupiter, with Mars to repeat the aspect on Feb 27, followed by a triple conjunction of the Sun-Mercury-Saturn on Feb 28, and the Sun-Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter on Feb 29, closing out the month.

There’s a sense of being caught between life (Virgo) and a dream (Pisces). We are processing heavy emotions, reflecting on our boundaries, and dealing with delicate, complex situations with many moving parts. Pay attention to where you have Virgo-Pisces in your chart, matters of these houses are being illuminated.

Virgo rules health and healing on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It rules our daily routines, work, chores, organization, the nervous system, and all systems and processes. It speaks of teams, teamwork, selfless service, the little things and details, a daily process of growth, and this school of life. If unbalanced, it can manifest as restlessness, anxiety, nervous energy, worry, criticism, or perfectionist tendencies.

The Full Moon opposes the Sun in Pisces — the sign of dreams, intuition, magic, music, cosmic consciousness, and unconditional love, highlighting Virgo-Pisces themes. At best, the Virgo-Pisces axis reminds us we are vessels, and channels, for a divine consciousness that is alive within us.

Over the coming weeks, practice self-care. Simplify life, declutter your space, make lists, get organized, eat healthy food, deepen your meditation, and spiritual practices, exercise, and make time for relaxation. It’s time to self-reflect and take a good look at your life. Acknowledge what is and isn’t working, and what needs healing and nurturing. Less is more. This is a chance to clarify a dream for our lives, then we can take small, daily steps towards it.

Significantly, Chiron (aka the Wounded healer) is conjunct at the North node at this Full Moon. We’re being handed the key to our destiny, healing, and freedom. It will require total self-awareness of our gifts and wounds, fears, and past traumas. Then we won’t perpetuate suffering and painful, toxic cycles. Awareness can be painful, but it is the first step in the healing process.

With the lunation opposing Saturn, chapters are ending, and beginning, and there are bittersweet realities to confront. But if we can accept our limits, we can find a way forward, around, or through, what currently feels impenetrable. For every door that closes a new door is opening. We’re bigger than the challenges we face, and we’re outgrowing an old way of being. These are growing pains as we step over a threshold.

This energy peaks on Feb 28, with an exact triple conjunction of Mercury and Sun-Saturn, bringing us to a defining moment of truth. If you’ve felt like you’ve been banging your head against a wall, something is giving way, to reveal a whole new world of potential. Be true to your integrity, and bottom line, clarify a dream goal, and noblest vision — then trust you can find the support you need.

We’re learning information, and reaching key insights. Expect at least one audience with an authority figure. Listen and learn… This is a humbling and sobering moment, but nothing needs to be difficult. There is the potential to build bridges and have deep, honest, healing conversations that bring clarity. Still with the conjunction to Saturn in Pisces (a mute sign) in some cases, it may be wise to say little or nothing at all. Silence speaks volumes.

In relationships especially, learn your lessons, but let the past be water under the bridges. With planets in Pisces, we’re learning lessons of unconditional love and boundaries — which are healthy. Reflect on the patterns you’re leaving behind, and the walls that need to be taken down so you can invite in and receive the love, abundance, and support you desire. We’re understanding the past in a new light, allowing us to build the future on solid foundations. Let there be grace and space for growth, then you can heal and strengthen bonds that stand the test of time.

Following Saturn’s aspect, the Full Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus and the Sun-Mercury sextile Jupiter on Feb 29. As we close the door on the past, there’s a whole new world of potential waiting to be explored. There are profound realizations, and revelations coming through bringing a fresh perspective. There’s real, infinite potential and real hope there. It will take discernment, discipline, maturity, wisdom, imagination, creativity, love, dedication, teamwork, healing, time, patience, commitment, and daily TLC. But we’re willing to work for it, a dream is within reach.

Notably – Mars (ruler of Chiron in Aries) and Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius, a reminder to be true to your primary relationship — with yourself. With both Venus and Mars making squares to Jupiter at this lunation, we’re turning a corner into new territory in relationships, financial and creative matters, and all Venusian matters. An ongoing story is gathering momentum, and there’s a need for discernment.

Small, wise moves can have a large pivotal impact, helping progress a situation in the right direction. In all situations, including relationships, little things matter over grand empty gestures. At best, we’re growing in awareness of our desires, skills, resources, gifts, and all the ways we are blessed. Own it all. Then you can deepen and foster healthier and fruitful connections, in awareness of your gifts and limits.

For now, we’re in the waning cycle of the Moon releasing emotional baggage, decluttering space, emptying, and tying up loose ends before renewal with the Pisces New Moon. Let go of critical tendencies, expect perfection, or worry about what is not in your control. Plug energy leaks, then you can devote time, attention, resources, and energy where it matters to strengthen foundations.

Above all — have faith in a process and don’t be in a hurry to fill a void. Pisces represents the great Void of creation. Anything that is currently testing your faith or stretching limits, is also helping you grow. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the Pisces New moon on March 10, brings renewal, so we can invite greater abundance, prosperity, and well-being and materialize a dream.

We’re a month away from Eclipse season. Expect life to pick up pace, once we enter Aries season next month. For now, have faith, life is moving in divine timing. What’s worth having is worth waiting for and (regardless of which hemisphere you’re in,) spring is coming. Surrender to the supreme consciousness within, allow it to move you.

Tend to your dreams and the garden of your life, and allow a natural process to unfold.

— Priya Kale, Virgo Full Moon, Feb 24, 2024

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