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Hello dear Friends,

These are the last few hours of the Sun’s passage through Taurus as we move through the dark of the Moon. Tomorrow on May 20, 2012 the Sun ingresses Gemini and almost immediately will be eclipsed by the Moon marking the New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse.

The dark of the Moon is always an intense period and especially right now, given we are at the eve of an Eclipse. Eclipses herald a time of major change, setting in motion patterns that will last for at least 6 months — if not more. But currently with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus we have the chance to ground ourselves in reality as we move towards making important choices that will determine the course of our future.

But before we can move into the future, tomorrow’s Eclipse takes place at 0+ degrees of Gemini, in conjunction to the South Node suggesting there is unfinished business to take care of. Expect to be having important conversations over the coming days and two weeks, revealing valuable information that was previously hidden. Pay careful attention and listen to what is being said.

This means being open minded enough to listen to an opposite perspective even if we don’t necessarily agree to it. Somewhere in the middle of your perspective and another’s, lies the truth, and the road to freedom. And the more open minded we are now the more we stand to learn and gain. Most importantly be extremely honest with yourself. Only then can you have honest and constructive communication or the resolution you seek.

Gemini (among other things) represents — information, communication, siblings, short distance travel and most significantly the mind and duality. These are the areas being highlighted now, and depending on where in your chart you have Gemini that is where you are probably most on edge at the moment and also where you have more options than you currently think.

Also this New Moon will square Neptune and it may be easy right now especially in the time before the Eclipse to slip in to darker, negative thought patterns. But this is the minds duality, it sees things in black and white, or lives in the past or the future. Neptune squaring the Eclipse and Nodes suggests reality and the truth is a lot more colorful and infinite than we realize. But to see that we have to let go of holding on to perception, opinions and what we “think” we know so there can be a discovery of a greater truth and the depth of potential on offer.

What’s interesting (and perhaps fitting) is this is the first of two New Moon’s in Gemini this year — the second Gemini New Moon takes place on June 19, 2012. Once we are able to confront and release the past, by the time of the second Gemini New Moon in June, there can indeed be a new start and second chances allowing us to to start over.

But for now as you enter this New Moon and Eclipse, clear space so you can allow a deeper truth to emerge and sink in. There is more information yet to surface that could indeed change everything.

— Priya Kale, May 20, 2012.


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