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Happy Earth Day everyone!

If anyone has ever wondered about Astrology and if it works, we’re getting quite the wake-up call lately.

We’ve seen enough natural disasters this year alone, aligning with powerful cosmic alignments. And the signs are getting more and more literal, in your face, and impossible to ignore.

Beginning with the Haiti earthquake at the time of the Capricorn Eclipse to the recent volcano eruption in Iceland at the time fiery Aries New Moon.

This recent one was coupled with Mercury (planet of communication and transportation) retrograde in Taurus, an earth sign. Transportation has come to a halt, with flights being ‘grounded,’ causing a ripple effect affecting many thousands, if not more.

My friend [and neighbor in Mumbai] Sam is just making it to Delhi after being stuck in Amsterdam for the past 10 days with still no flights to Mumbai. I would predict it’s going to take at least until after the direct station, for transportation to resume back to ‘normal.’ Although arresting in its effects, this incident is a stunning example of how energy (or astrology) manifests.

Astrology is a study of the ‘whole.’ Cavemen didn’t have encyclopedias; it is modern man and the (so called) civilized, intelligent mind that seeks to label and define, thereby dividing the whole, creating separation and fragmentation.

Today is Earth Day and with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus this definitely celebrating her energy. With Venus (ruler of Taurus) approaching in harmonious aspect to the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the stars couldn’t be better aligned to make positive, soulful shift. [Notably, Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Asia coincided with the time this aspect first began developing and now we reach the final aspect in these signs.]

Do something that shows your love for the Earth. As we can plainly see, our planet could do with more than a little TLC.  Even if you are fairly green, on this Earth Day go out of your way to do more than what you do otherwise. Even if you live in the city — go beyond just recycling, carrying cloth bags and avoiding plastic.

Dig deeper within yourself to ask what this planet is worth to you? What can you give back? Make it your mission to find your personal contribution, and commit to it. I’ll let you know what I come up with, I feel called. Here’s a video from GreenPeace for inspiration – definitely worth a minute and a half of your time.

It’s our planet and our responsibility. As much as “God” exists, we are part of that Divine ‘whole.’ There is no God coming down from Heaven to save us — we are it. Unless we awaken to our individual power and responsibility to create change, we’re in for a rude awakening. With the Grand Cross approaching in June and July, the future is quite literally in our hands.

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, look closely at the “ideas” you’ve taken for granted; there’s a deeper truth buried there. You may have to dig a little, but trust your instincts and question doubt.

Mercury will be in exact conjunction to the Sun at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon bringing a solid revelation of facts as they stand. Something is not cast in stone yet and we will get another chance to visit this when Mercury is direct. But expect to have an unequivocal understanding at this time of what we need to let go of and what needs to change. And times they are changing, alright…

Once again, Happy Earth Day! Let’s do what we can to make the Earth happy…

With Love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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