Sun in Taurus, Chiron in Pisces, Moon in Leo reaches First Quarter

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Dear Friends,

It’s just past midnight on Tuesday in NYC as I write this. The Sun and Chiron are in a sextile, dangling in the last degrees of Aries and Aquarius; bringing an awareness of individual purpose as it fits in with the greater collective.

The Sun ingresses Taurus any minute now and Chiron will ingress Pisces shortly, maintaining their aspect to each other. Chiron in Pisces is opening a doorway to divine energy and in aspect to the Sun in Taurus we can channel this into physical energy – healing for the body, self-worth, and consequently material abundance.

On Wednesday at 11:41 AM EDT, the Moon enters Leo and reaches First Quarter phase (not yesterday, as I mentioned in Monday’s post. I later corrected it.) This brings us to a turning point from the recent New Moon, as we head to a powerful Scorpio Full Moon next week, hot on the heels of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

With Mars in a T-square to the Full Moon, these days of the Moon in Leo are shedding light on an important truth or burning issue that needs to be dealt with. Be honest with yourself about the things within you that need to change, rather than project anger, defensiveness or stubbornness that ultimately stands in the way of your passion and desires.

Mars is now making its final pass through Leo moving us forward from situations that began emerging back in September and October. With Mercury retrograde, although the pace of things may seem frustratingly slow at times – thank heaven for putting the breaks on situations that need thoughtful consideration.

No doubt we are coming up on powerful changes, but in spite of the confusion stay the path. The weekend is loaded with aspects (the “good” kind at that) suggesting through personal growth, transformation and maturity we could be mining tangible and sensual treasures.

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus (in her last week) in Taurus we are in a lush, fertile space, so don’t be afraid to make the most of it. Abundance is ours for the taking if we open ourselves to it in humility.

Pay attention to the events unfolding over the next couple of days with the Moon in Leo – it will give you a clue into what’s coming up around the Full Moon.

As I end this, I notice the Sun has entered Taurus and truthfully I felt the energy shift a little while ago as I was writing the Blog. It’s been a deeply introspective 12th house transit for me over the past few weeks. And it’s good to feel like myself and have my feet back on the ground again.

More soon… Hope the Sun is shining where you are…




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