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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2014!

We’re just hours past a powerful Capricorn New Moon, ushering us into this bold New Year that promises thundering change. And it all begins right here, right now.

Below is an excerpt from this January’s monthly astrology report sent out to members of Cosmic Diaries covering the energy of this New Moon. (You can make a one-time purchase or sign up here to receive the report in your mail.)

Also, I’m posting the pre-order button for your 2014-2015 Annual Horoscopes below. (This is the pre-order price which will change shortly, so I’d recommend you order now.) I will post details on release of horoscopes a little later today.


Also, I recently recorded a show with host Priti Sehrawat, a US based, Indian numerologist (who has worked with Bridget Walter Thomson) for www.desijunction.com. In it, I talk about 2014, what we can expect and brief forecasts for the coming year for all 12 signs. Read below for listening details and hope you tune in!


New Year’s special this weekend only on http://www.desijunction.com/html/
Chicago time 9 pm to 10 pm this weekend Sat. & Sun.
New York time 10 pm to 11 pm this weekend Sat. & Sun.
India time 8.30 am to 9.30 am, Sun. 5th, and Mon. 6th Jan.

New York based world-renowned astrologer, Priya Kale has given short astrology based predictions for 2014 in this show for all zodiac signs. I have a short segment at the beginning of the show giving numerology based, underlying vibrations for 2014 on a global level.

The complete show is mainly in English so even if you don’t know Hindi, please do tune in! – Priti Sehrawat, http://www.numbersofjoy.com/


January 2014 Cosmic Weather

An Excerpt ==

Life is at a turning point, ending and beginning, valley and peak, all at once, right now.

Capricorn is the sign of material, worldly success — its symbol is the goat (sea-goat) which by nature scales great mountainous heights. And now as we move past this New Moon and into the New Year, it’s time to set new goals. With the current astrological climate, anything you commit to now has a very good chance of not just sticking but growing larger than life.

Which is why it’s imperative you are conscious and clear in your motivations. If your ambitions are based on self-serving, superficial values, or with attachment to material riches, wealth, success, fame — even if you do get what you are after, it will likely be short-lived. For all that is material is transient.

With Venus still retrograde, your roots need to go deep. Once Venus stations direct at the end of the month and moves forward next month, you should start to gain real traction on your goals.

Also this New Moon is in some ways heralding the “beginning of the end” of a chapter. So expect what you set in motion now to really bring a turn of events by the time of the Full Moon in Cancer mid-month. Pluto deals with the unconscious, and the darkness needs to be confronted in the light where it can be transformed or it will continue to have a destructive subconscious hold on your life.

Or as Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

— Priya Kale, January 2014. Read Full report here.


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