Heading to Aquarius Lunar Eclipse…

“I have learned to embrace the moment, seek awareness, and understand that the mystics were indeed right: All is well…and all the way to Heaven is in fact Heaven. Though the world be falling apart, all is well…” — Niles Comer, Peace Keepers or Peace Makers

Dear Friends and Readers,

In about 3 hours at 4:07 PM in New York, the Moon enters Aquarius and makes a conjunction to the North Node. When planets conjunct the North Node, (especially now as the we head into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) forces of destiny are at work pulling us towards our Karmic path. This is concluding the journey we began with the first set of Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius in February 2008 as the Nodes shift to the Cancer-Capricorn axis.

It’s likely to be pretty electric over the next couple of days. Aquarius is the sign of the revolutionary breaking through the rules and constructs of society and the mind. There are a few huge revelations in store which can awaken, heal and liberate all in a flash… so be open to where you are being guided by Spirit to follow your heart.

I will be back later tonight or sometime tomorrow with the Eclipse Report. But in the meanwhile here are links to past reports and articles, written at the time of the last set of Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius in February of 2009. It may be helpful to see the emerging patterns and beauty unfolding in your life…

With love,

Priya Kale, NYC


Also read on for an excerpt from Painted Soul today, a timely message about peace at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon. Please click link to read the full article.


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Taming the Beast

Leo Lunar Eclipse Report

Painted Soul: Peace Keepers or Peace Makers

Lightning Strikes — Aquarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Lightning Strikes, An excerpt ==

“Aquarius is the sign ruled by Uranus; this is energy that manifests in the physical world in its purest form like a thunderbolt of lightning. What I saw in that documentary was only a confirmation and validation of my experience. Scientists, doctors work with physical energy, astrologers I feel straddle the cusp where we are “looking” to the skies for physical evidence and using the reflection to tap into higher realms of consciousness, and mystics, psychics and mediums work with the most ethereal form of energy – spirit and soul. Ultimately it just depends on how you choose to live. Whether we live as ‘muggles’ in unconsciousness or as sentient beings in awareness; that is our free will and choice. But at the time of an eclipse fate rears its head, bringing the feeling fated events. When that happens, the mind jumps to make “sense” of it and make judgment on whether something is good or bad. Until we step out of heads we can never experience something new. The mind is incapable of it.

“The expression ‘mind-blowing’ exists for a reason, when something happens that just stuns or shocks you. This is all Uranian energy. In all cases of lightning strike survivors aside from the obvious physical damage there is a common factor, the brain doesn’t function quite the same anymore. Effects can range from random to severe memory loss to highly charged electric energy capable of short-circuiting light bulbs and more. Here is the objective of a study conducted that I found in a Google search “To objectify neuro-psychological impairments in survivors of lightning stroke with lasting complaints about poor concentration and inability to divide their attention.” What is this other than Uranus energy that breaks through the Mercurial mental dual energy of the mind into a stream of pure consciousness? I can say with certainty that if we studied natal charts of the survivors and transits, we would find heavy Uranus activity for the timing of the event.

“Similarly, there have been several studies done on the phenomenon of Kundalini energy rising, where there many misdiagnosed cases who end up on medication or worse in an asylum depending on it’s severity. So what then can we learn from this? Aquarius is a reminder to tap into the individual, that in solving the mystery “Who am I?” we can figure out what makes the world go around, in spite of the seeming chaos that surrounds us every day. This is where astrology comes in handy, because a natal chart is just PURE potential. Not good or bad. Like a river that runs fatefully to the sea – that is each of our destiny to merge again with the cosmic pool [Pisces.] But we can choose to direct and re-direct that river of energy in infinite ways, taking detours along the way; thus ‘choosing’ our experiences of how the energy manifests. But we can never suppress it; like lightning it WILL find a way to join heaven and earth in a complete circuit.”

— Priya Kale, Aquarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse report, Jan 27, 2009

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