Aquarius Lunar Eclipse…

Dear Friends and Readers,

Happy Eclipse everyone,

The energy is electric, translucent, subtle and sparkling all at once. My brain is in overdrive and I can’t type as fast as I can think right now. Personally, its been a challenge in a whole new way of embracing my humanity, while awakening to the presence of divinity.

I will be back shortly with the Eclipse report. I was ready to post it last night, but after I finished my first draft I went out to get dinner and ended up having a magical encounter last night with a gentleman who ‘killed a monster in his dream.’ So now I’m re-writing the report with tales of my adventure. Make no mistake, the Universe is speaks and works in mysterious ways so watch your life closely, there’s magic in the night.

This eclipse takes place at 13+ degrees of the Leo-Aquarius axis. The Sun and Moon will meet in exact opposition at 00:54 UT. This Eclipse is a penumbral one so it will not be visible to the naked eye. But this explains the subtlety of the energy, like it is gently wiping clean the psyche…

More to follow shortly…

Eclipse Blessings and love,



Here’s a song for the day, by my one of my favorite guys. And a prayer for today by another one of my favoite guys.

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