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Welcome to the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse!

This lunation takes place at 8:54 PM EDT in NYC on Aug. 5, 2009 00:54 UT in the UK on Aug. 6, 2009 and at 10:54 AM AEST. The Sun in Leo opposes the Full Moon at 13+ degrees of Aquarius.
It feels like we’ve lived a year within this past month with the Eclipses sweeping through the landscape changing it completely. No doubt this has been a lesson in letting go and not allowing the ego get in the way of what is real – spirit.

Last night after I had finished my writing for the day and the first draft of this report, for some reason I still felt stuck so I decided to step out and buy dinner, which to begin with is not what I would normally do that late at night. Then trough a series of pretty weird circumstances I was “led” to ‘Fetch’ across the street. As I ordered my food and was waiting, the elderly gentleman sitting at the bar looked at me and said, “I want to tell you about a dream I had last night. In my dream I killed a monster, in pure white snow to find inner radiance.” “It is about merging opposites. There was dark and light and I killed the monster, by being ‘just’ to everything outside of my’self’.” Instantly, I knew then why the Universe had led me there that moment.

The energy was electric, translucent and sparkling. Turns out he was an actor, poet, philosopher who follows the Aesthetic Realism school of thought and a Capricorn (but surely with a lot of Aquarian energy and planets – he kept calling himself a rebel.) and we ended up having a rather enlightening conversation.

It is no coincidence that the message came to him in a Neptunian dream – raising energy (Chiron) expanding (Jupiter) with awareness. This is our collective consciousness and his dream representing an aspect of our collective inner psyche at work. The merging of opposites of light and dark in the dream shows us the dual contrast of the mind, while the background of the white snow could represent the Nothing-ness and purity of the Universe. He ‘killed’ the ‘monster ego’ by finding a way to merge and unify with the world outside of his self. This is the message of the Aquarius Eclipse — By acceptance of the “self” and ALL (everyone and everything, seen and unseen) that exists outside of “self” – this in totality is oneness and radiance. Now here I am passing it on to you and who knows what you will take from this and pass on to those you lives you touch. You will hear and read exactly what you need to for your spiritual development.

The Universe speaks to us in mysterious ways if we are only open to receive. We can learn and allow our consciousness to grow out of each encounter; we can raise another to a higher level of awareness. At best it is mutual – where both people are open and receptive to another coming together through humility, not ego. We are never too old to learn; wise are the children at heart. The current climate is thinning the veils between our souls so we can recognize a higher energy trying to make contact. The Sun in Leo is also a reminder now to keep sight of the inner radiance. Aquarius suggests, don’t have any preconceived notions of where or when inspiration may strike.

Ours is not to “reason” why and we are being asked to dare to break through conventional mental constructs; to be the like the jar of the water bearer, that collects and pours forth sacred water of a higher consciousness. One cannot ‘hold on’ to this consciousness, there needs to be a process of emptying of the self and ego so we can be filled with spirit which we can then pass on to other souls on our journey. Knowledge hoarded does nothing, and ultimately is of the mind. But emptying does not mean, disconnecting, isolating or in any way being in denial of a higher soul purpose. Especially at the time of Eclipses the Universe won’t allow it. The level of us getting “shocked” by events unfolding will depend entirely on our “resistance” to change and letting go. At best this can be a liberating and healing experience freeing us to feel the pleasure of the ‘now.’

Also at this time Venus is in Cancer, and has passed her opposition to Pluto helping us to let go of our base insecurities to evolve into the purer deeper waters of the heart. At the time of this Eclipse she sextiles Mercury suggesting we can speak and be heard now if we can focus on healing and love, rather than criticism and resentment. Break through the ego that wants to hold on to hurt or fears rejection and speak from the heart, then let go of any attachment to what may happen. It is not about hoping for the best – rather having faith that what is meant to be will be.

Financially as well we could reach important agreements now that increase our sense of security and wellbeing. But there is another drama unfolding as Mars moves towards a square with Saturn. In the midst of the Eclipse energy it could be easy to get caught up in a sense of powerlessness now. Saturn is always about some karma that needs to be resolved and squares are an indicator of an internal resolution rather than projecting something outward.

Mars in Gemini is racing with mental energy and Saturn in Virgo can strive towards perfection – this can cause a lot of worry or rage and frustration at circumstances. Worry is always wasted energy and rather than focus on any external blockage recognize this as an opportunity to find inherent inner strength and power. The level of powerlessness within a situation you feel is directly related to the level of power you do have within yourself to resolve it. The external world only mirrors the internal – as within, so without. Remember this within personal and professional situations. Passion and desire are rarely resolved through reason, but communication can help. The Venus-Mercury aspects at this time should help the flow of energy if we make a little effort.

Between Aug. 13 and Aug. 17, 2009, Mars will trine the triple conjunction in Aquarius triggering this Eclipse again. This should be a pleasant recovery from any tension, so be patient as you work through any issues. These are truly electric aspects, which could feel like a ‘download’ of blazing cosmic awareness spelling for genius creative energy. It will be important to remain grounded through this process. There may be plenty of ideas floating around but we need to be discerning in choosing how we choose to spend our time and energy.

With the Leo-Aquarius, 5th and 11th house axis we are dealing in the realm of the heart and soul, passion and transcendence. Within relationships the greatest lesson has been the merging of these opposites. How does one maintain a deep heart or love connection within someone without getting attached to the physical aspect of a relationship? How can we allow for spaces in our togetherness so it strengthens the spirit rather than breaks it? I have said before, there is no such thing as heartbreak, it is the ego that breaks that’s where pain comes from. Nor can one lose faith, for faith is of the spirit (Aquarius) as indestructible as our “breath” itself, and the heart is love, which is the only eternal force in this world. This is a purer love and ‘spirit’ual energy that implies a deeper emotional presence than just the physical and is present even in physical absence.

At the time of an Eclipse we are dealing with forces of fate and destiny and the relationships in our lives right now are present for the very specific purpose of karmic soul evolution — to help us evolve past the ego to a experience transcendent energy. There is nothing “wrong” about sex without love. But to truly experience something transcendental we need to connect emotionally as well. With the Moon eclipsed in Aquarius, there is a reminder to not emotionally disconnect from our relationships nor be in denial of any need for spiritual healing.

Love when it grows out of sex, is a beautiful thing but only when we are able to let go of attachment can we experience true love. “Experience” because real love is just that — an experience that we cannot cling to. Trust now what is real will never leave you and it is the fear of letting go that keeps you caged in pain. Ego-death only leads to a deeper respect of “self,” so we don’t allow energy to be wasted in draining situations. We cannot experience love, if we fear pain; and both fear and pain are of mind and ego. It is impossible for a fearful person to experience pleasure because they are so busy shielding themselves. Leo is the sign of the lion, this about finding courage which always comes after fear. Love needs air to breathe and an open heart to let the sun shine in, so it can bloom. Just as creative fires are fed by opening the mind to inspiration.

Aesthetic Realism, as I learned in my conversation with Patrick H[e]art yesterday, is a school of philosophy founded by Eli Seigel who has posed the Question: Is Beauty the Making ONE of Opposites? In astrology, we study energies through a planetary frame of reference to find a way to center and balance. Especially at the time of a Full Moon and Eclipse this is about balancing the forces of our primary consciousness (Sun in Leo) and emotional awareness (Moon in Aquarius) and merging the two into a unified consciousness. Our current astrology answers the question with a resounding yes.

It is true the Universe is radiance — opposites merged in beauty-full wholeness and such-ness. So be led by spirit now, to follow the passion in your heart.

Priya Kale, Aquarius Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Aug. 5, 2009, NYC

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