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The Full Moon has certainly swept the air clean. The energy is buzzing, light and from personal experience, clients and people I know there has been an emptying. Now as the Moon passes through Pisces, soak in the revelations of the past few days, there may be a few more subtle ones coming through.

It may be hard to take it completely easy though, as Mars moves towards a square to Saturn on Monday. I’ve written about this aspect in the Lunar Eclipse report, so watch for the tendency to worry too much. Focus on resolution rather than the mistakes. By Monday the Moon will have moved into Aries giving us a lot more energy to find our personal power.

For now, take it easy and dissolve the tension as much as you can. I’ve just ordered ‘Twilight’ on Cable and am settling in for a haunting, fantasy Pisces moonlight escape. Hope you are having a pleasant weekend…

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On a personal note, I will be heading to Canada on Monday for about 2 months. I will be working while I am there, but first I have a weekend of packing and organizing to get through. I will try to check back in before I leave, but if not I will be back as soon as I am settled in my new home late Monday night or Tuesday morning Eastern time.

In the meanwhile you can read the Aquarius Eclipse report in the blog below, or the Weekly Horoscopes which have been updated to the site. Read below for this week’s sample Horoscopes for the Fire signs…



You may still be dusting off from the recent adjustments you’ve had to make in your daily life and routine, but you’re on fire now. This was the necessary hard work to get you to a place where you can soak in the comforts of home. This week you reach a turning point of understanding your own power to manifest in your life your greatest dreams. Your awareness is growing rapidly and I suggest pay attention to what is coming through your blazing consciousness. Write down those ideas and thoughts as they come through so you can sort through them later, there is a genius one floating in there somewhere. This is not about the ego so watch any grandiosity, or getting starry eyed, nor do you have to manifest every thing that comes to your head. You do have an over active imagination right now, so be grounded as you ask yourself what or whom you want to give your heart to. Let it be a labor of love, nothing short of that will do.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation



Personally and professionally you reach a turning point this week. You are quite the sight to behold, so be willing to open your arms to the opportunities coming your way. It is your passion that lights the way for hope world thirsting for it only you who can define yourself and your capabilities. If you argue for your limitations you will get them, so watch your critical thinking. Its almost as if you have super-human abilities to do what others only dream of. But be humble now as you set about on your journey. All people you come in contact with are a mirror for your growth as much as you give them the light that shows the way. Healing is always symbiotic in nature and it can happen now in all your relationships, not because of what you do or give, but by simply by “being” who you are. You bring stability to a world thirsting for it. Have faith in that if nothing else.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You are sowing the seeds for your emotional and financial security with the conversations you have within your partnerships. A professional partnership is solidifying and if you dare to be honest about your needs you could find yourself sailing smoother financial waters before long. You’ve dedicated yourself to your career for no reason than your deep integrity that drives you in what you do. You provide a service that is not only respectable, but has stood the test of time when others have crumbled. This is likely to soothe you from any recent emotional or financial tsunami you’ve recently managed to resurrect yourself from. Aim high as you color the sky with your imagination, as get set to receive the due respect you deserve. You are too humble for your own good at times, so don’t be too surprised when it happens.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

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