Mercury in Virgo squares Great Attractor, Moon in Aries

Hello from Pentanguishene, Canada!

I’m writing from Nadine’s deck catching some rays, staring out on to Pentanguishene Bay watching boats go by — in short, I’m in heaven. I arrived yesterday late afternoon and Nadine showed me around my new home and new home town. I met her wonderful sons and Nadine cooked us a delicious dinner, before I took a long hot bath and settled in for the night.

Today after work I’m going to my first ever Tai Chi lesson, which I am absolutely looking forward to. I will be back with my experiences and with more of my adventures here North over the coming days…

But getting back to the astrology, Mars has passed his square to Saturn and is approaching a square to Uranus on Aug. 18, 2009. Dust off the tension internally now and  and slow down a bit. As Mars aspects Uranus there is tremendous force available to us to make changes, but if we don’t do it consciously it could be easy to feel like we are skidding off in the “wrong” direction with little control.

Also, just after midnight Mercury squares the Great Attractor.   With Mercury in Virgo, this is keen mental energy able to pick a needle in a haystack. Aspects to the Great Attractor tend to polarize situations. But in truth – the truth is polarizing. Projection of critical tendencies will only result in greater confusion. Resolve to listen to what is being said. Make the effort to understand the greater picture rather than be proven right. There can be healing, as well as a constructive way forward if we seek it.

— Priya Kale, Pentanguishene, Canada


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