Mars trines Jupiter, Moon in Taurus reaches Last Quarter

With the recent Aquarius Eclipse there has been a subtle yet profound awakening in awareness. It has been a time of recognition of ones own inherent individuality and the need for self-acceptance. Between tomorrow [Thursday] and Tuesday next week Mars will trine Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, starting with an exact trine to Jupiter tomorrow.

Expect there to be a tremendous force for healing. This is when we could see the power of faith work miracles. As  the energy accelerates expect there to be plenty of opportunities coming our way. It may be overwhelming in deciding what path to choose. But do what you can to be open to inspiration and find a way to channel your expanding consciousness.

With the Moon in Taurus over the next couple of days use the energy to ground yourself in that which is real and unchanging at its core. Recognize which opportunities you truly want to manifest. Be it relationships, finances or personal situations this is about finding what is most important to you and what you most value. Taurus is a deeply loyal sign and it is the sign of exaltation for the Moon due to its earthy, constant nature.

On Thursday reaches its Last Quarter phase bringing us to a turning point after the revelations of the eclipses.We can bring into our lives the greater emotional and financial stability, by recognizing our own self-worth and overcoming the reticence to make personal changes. We cannot have our needs met if we don’t acknowledge them within first.

It’s day 2 for me in Penetang. I had my first Tai-Chi lesson yesterday which was right by the water. The setting itself was serene enough to move me. Personally I felt I fumbled through the whole lesson, but then the moments I was able to ‘let go’ trying to ‘copy’ or ‘move’ like anyone else is when I found my rhythm and the energy flowed. At the end of it the people there were surprised to hear I had never done Tai-Chi before, which I took as a small lesson in non-judgment. Ultimately it was a much needed grounding experience and reminder that as with all in life — its just about letting go and ‘being.’

I worked with two clients today and now its back to more writing. But I’m in the Sun surrounded by nature, with a lake-view and chirping birds so no complaints. Tonight we are going to drive to Nadine’s cottage by the beach to catch a front row seat for the Perseid meteor showers which are supposed to be visible tonight. I look forward to a night of wishful star gazing…

Bye for now,

Priya in Penetanguishene, CA


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I leave with you with words of wisdom from Painted Soul by Niles Comer on the ‘The Poetics of Faith’


An Excerpt —

“It is interesting to note that root of the word Faith comes from the word meaning “to trust” – fides/fidere from which we get fidelis. Faith involves building and nurturing deep and (ever deepening) trust with someone – Some One.

“Norris reminds me again and again that faith is a kindred soul to poetry, in that “poetry is expressed through that which is lived, breathed, uttered, and left silent (62).” For her, as well as for me, faith is like poetry because the Process is as important (if not more so) as the Product.

“Because in faith, as in poetry, when humans are involved the Product is always somewhat flawed through its finiteness. The so-called goal is not the end, but the Journey is. And if the process is “the point,” then the journey will be a great deal messier than we could imagine.

“In poetry, as in the journey of faith and life: we must “pay attention” – for it is this clarity of attention that allows for imagination and creativity to have full range and a deep and freeing life, for the poet, the readers, and so to for the people of faith.

“In poetry as in faith, revision is as much a part of the Journey as the first thought or draft, and in this revising process the poem (and the process) can make a mess of the original.  Seeing things in a different perspective, seeing things new for the first time, starting over, redefining: these are the tools with which we grow in faith and in life.

“The same is true of faith; and in learning to discover a living faith – one that is real, authentic, embodied, and active, we sometimes have to make a stinkin’ mess of the whole process.  And then surrender all of it to God and learn to let go in order to get going.” — Niles Comer, Poetics of Faith

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