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Weekly Horoscopes for Week starting Aug. 15, 2009


Its Friday evening as I write this, the Sun in Leo opposed Jupiter in Aquarius today magnifying situations.

It may have been hard to find this crucial balance between ones own desires and that which is expected of us. The Sun is highlighting the ‘self’ yet at what cost? Jupiter’s presence can tend to magnify things, so on the one hand exaggerate goodwill and generosity or inflate egos and create distance.

The opposition has likely brought a greater awareness of the needs of the ‘self’ in relation to the many lives we impact. Try now if you can to keep a check on the ego and work in humility. It will be important if we want to make the most of the opportunities in front of us.

Mars trines Chiron on Saturday, after it’s trine to Jupiter on Thursday. With Mars in Gemini, there’s been a sharpening of contrast in the mind. Its been a challenge to communicate without coming off too forceful or down right angry. Just last week we passed a difficult square to Saturn exacerbating critical tendencies. This could bring great healing and rapid transformation of consciousness where there have been deep wounds to deal with.

At best with a little effort and communication there could be a rapid transformation and healing in consciousness and awareness. With the Moon in Gemini as well, we could have important conversations that bring greater understanding. If there is a desire, this energy could help bridge the divide of perception that eventually happens between any two people healing deep wounds.

Personally, I’ve been battling my own demon ego. Writing this blog is not easy on days like this. I have to force myself to shift the energy inside before I can type out these words without feeling untrue to myself. With a Moon, Mercury, Chiron conjunction writing can be as painful as it is cathartic if I have not worked through my stuff.

But the Universe is kind as I say and just when I was feeling the depths of my pain, I received an email from a reader reminding me that love and faith are indeed the two strongest forces in this Universe. It is true, there is no wall that love cannot tear down and my ego is a coward compared to my heart.

On Wednesday night I saw 25 shooting stars in an hour! It was almost surreal, only it wasn’t — it was very, very real.

We drove to Nadine’s parents cottage at Wahnekenewening [translated as ‘the beach where the young make love] beach on Wednesday with her sons Adrian and Chris. The Sun was still setting as we got there, so we settled down on the beach overlooking the Blue Mountains of Collingwood on the horizon waiting the stars to come out. As it got dark, the stars came out of hiding one by one until the sky was full of them; glittering like diamonds in the velvet night.

I was in heaven, indeed it was heaven on earth. And then we saw the first shooting star blazing across the sky. It absolutely took my breath away came with a special wish. #8 flew over the mountains on the horizon, #9 was directly over head and #10 and #11 were twin shooting stars that went parallel. Each one was filled with screams of awe and wonder from all of us.

Truly it was humbling to be under the heavens watching the meteor showers… But it was the timelessness that I experienced that night which truly struck me. In the moment that a star would shoot across the sky leaving trails of cosmic dust — there was no thought, no desire, no mind for any wishes to come to… pure divine heavenly grace falling out of the sky.

Now, I remind myself of all the love in my life and the wondrous beauty these eyes have seen fall out of the sky. Who am I to doubt the love in this Universe for me? And who am I to withhold the love that flows through me, simply because my ego is not gratified and feels rejected? I am humbled…

Hope you are well where you are and are having a beautiful weekend…

With Love,

Priya in Penetanguishene, Canada.


Thanks Jenn!


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a monk once said to me:
your faith should be like tea served Ch’an style
– rough, warm, and loosely wrapped;
and your religion the same:
warm to the touch,
& hewn on the edges of life.

— Niles Comer

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