Infinity and beyond… : Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse, Feb. 26 – Mar. 12, 2017

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Pisces Solar Eclipse report: Feb. 26 – March 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

Happy New Moon in Pisces! We’re still in the womb of a new cycle and a freshly Eclipsed Sun, shining through our consciousness.

At the time of the Eclipse — there was a wide stellium in Pisces with Mercury, the Sun, the South Node, and Chiron in the sign.

Also Mars made a conjunction to Uranus and opposition to Jupiter in Libra, with Venus in Aries slowing down to a halt preparing to station retrograde on March 4, 2017, followed by Mars changing signs to enter Taurus on March 9, 2017.

If you watched the Oscars last night, the confusion and chaos that ensued was a classic manifestation of this Pisces (movies) Eclipse, with the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

We’re past the Pisces Solar Eclipse in a new cycle. Over the next two days, the Moon is in Aries moving through the Cardinal T-square, as Venus slows down to a halt in Aries and stations retrograde on March 4, 2017.

Life is heating up. With Venus’ impending retrograde phase: we’re entering a phase of deep re-evaluation of relationships, commitments, finances, creativity, and all matters close to your heart. And the Moon’s transit in Aries is highlighting these issues.

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” Of course it might not be that dramatic, but as the Moon trines Saturn as a final aspect there’s a suggestion that if you can stay focused you can end the Aries Moon phase solid note; finding stability in, or stabilise, a situation in a rocky situation.

Feb. 28: Aries Moon conjuncts Venus at 9:54 PM EST.
March 1: Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn at 7:49 AM EST; conjuncts Uranus at 1:27 PM EST; opposes Jupiter in Libra at 1:42 PM EST; conjuncts Mars at 4:48 PM EST; trines Saturn at 9:18 PM EST and goes VOID. (Moon enters Taurus on March 2, 2017 at 2:42 AM EST.)

There is the potential for massive breakthroughs over the next two weeks — but what you’re attempting will call for fluidity, fearlessness, and spontaneity. I’ve described the lunation, aspects surrounding it, and Venus’ retrograde transit in detail in the Pisces Solar Eclipse and Moon report.

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Pisces Solar Eclipse and New Moon: Feb, 26 – March 12, 2017

An Excerpt ==

“Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac — it is the point of dissolution, before life re-emerges with Aries.

“Astrologically, the Sun represents our consciousness, and the Moon the more intuitive, emotional, subconscious part of our nature. The Sun and Moon are associated with the Pingala and Ida nadis (network of subtle channels through which the life force or’prana’ circulates) respectively.

“As the Moon moves through the lunar cycle each month, it regulates the energy from all the planets — bringing it back to consciousness once a month at the time of the New Moon, when Sun and Moon align.

At the time of an Eclipse, as the lunar and solar disks are “eclipsed,” there is a lifting of the veil making it easier to tune into that inner wisdom which is otherwise hidden, have it percolate through our consciousness, and bring it forth.

“Given this is the last in this series of Pisces-Virgo eclipses for this cycle: consciously release the past, as you open up to fresh flow of energy with the new cycle. What you initiate is seeding the energy not just for the next two weeks, but at least six-months, perhaps even longer.

“There could be potentially massive breakthroughs, if you’re aligned with the Universal will. But if you’ve been in denial, this could be a not so pleasant wake up-call — blasting you awake to reality…”


“You’re awakening to what’s illusory, lacks depth; as well as the limitless potential in a situation and, indeed, in you. At best, this could be an extremely liberating moment, opening the floodgates to an infinite pool of possibilities.

“Humans are divine consciousness in physical form; but to embody that consciousness and let the life-giving waters pour through — one has to empty the ego, and heal. Without which we unconsciously spread confusion, lack of clarity, injecting the world with our toxic perceptions.

Two weeks from now marks the Virgo Full Moon, when you will see the first signs of the seeds you’re planting now start to sprout.

“All through January, Venus and Mars were in Pisces, (along with Neptune and Chiron) awakening you to the infinite potential in situations, asking you to clarify a vision. As you move forward from the New Moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse, the Sun is shedding further light on situations, allowing you to take steps towards manifesting a dream. Something is not as impossible as you thought it was.

“Trust, whatever you’ve dreamed for yourself, the Universe has dreamed it bigger and better. You have what you need to create what you desire. What you hold now are the equivalent of Jack’s magic beans. Plant wisely.” — Priya Kale, Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse report, Feb. 26, 2017 – March 12, 2017. READ FULL REPORT

Astrology & Tarot Consultations with Priya

Pisces Solar Eclipse report: Feb. 26 – March 12, 2017

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