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November 2014 Horoscopes and Cosmic Weather

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As I write this, the Sun is in the final degree of Scorpio; the Scorpio Moon is applying in conjunction to Saturn before it enters Sagittarius, early tomorrow and, conjuncts the Sun at 0+ Sagittarius at 7:32 AM EST; marking the New Moon, a new cycle, beckoning us on a whole new adventure and journey.

Here’s an excerpt from the November monthly cosmic weather report sent out to subscribers. To read the full report, horoscopes, the December monthly report and more, sign-up here for a one week free trial.


November 2014 Cosmic Weather
by Priya Kale

An Excerpt ==

“On Nov. 22, 2014 the Sun and Moon align at 0+ Sagittarius at 7:32 AM EST marking the Sagittarius New Moon. The first image that came to mind for this lunation, is a baby bird leaving the nest.

“There may be a sense of trepidation, but there is no going back now. And the Universe is like the great divine mother nudging you, ever so gently, out of the nest. She knows you are ready to fly. Even if to you it seems like jumping off a cliff. What you face is a new experience and there is so much to explore. But what is certain is you are ready; it’s time to take a leap of faith.

“Dane Rudhyar offers deep insight into the energy:


KEYNOTE: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded.

“Veterans groups in all countries seek to rekindle in their members the old fire of well-fought battles; but the type of abstract or religious thinking normally related to the zodiacal sign, Sagittarius, also implies a special kind of fire. It is a fire that burns the now of natural living in order to build a greater tomorrow. It is future-oriented It aspires to produce a greater, wider civilization, even though it finds its roots in the harvest of mankinds past. Comradeship and group activities are implied, but the togetherness is one of fighting spirits.”

Many battles have been fought. You have not been alone in this and this is far from the end of the road.  Your so called opponents, “enemies,” as well as the people who have fought alongside with you — everyone has been changed from the experience.

Who’s still standing by you? You can be sure these are worthy companions on your journey. Remember what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown and how you can move forward, embodying your lessons and new consciousness.

You are unequivocally learning now — it’s not just about knowing the path, but walking it. And there’s a whole new world out there, beckoning you to spread your wings and fly into the horizon. — Priya Kale, November 2014. Read full report, horoscopes, December report and more. 

The period before the New Moon always asks for a release. With the Scorpio Moon making a conjunction to Saturn, before the Sagittarius New Moon, let go of baggage and travel light.

Even if it currently feels like you’ve reached the end of the road with something, you haven’t. As you will see this is just the beginning.

With blessings and love,



On a personal note, if all goes well, I fly to India by the end of next week. But before that I have to pack and move. So I ask for your prayers as I make the transition.


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