Into the Light… | Last week of Jupiter in Scorpio, moving to the Scorpio New Moon

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Hello dear Friends,

We’re moving through a dense patch of astrology, with rapid and major changes afoot.

We’re moving to the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 7, 2018, followed only hours later by Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius on Nov. 8, 2018. Also significantly, a day before the lunation on Nov. 6, Uranus returns to Aries (for the final time) until March 2019.

This waning phase of the Moon is always a time to go inward, to seek the light (of consciousness, awareness) within. But with Jupiter at the end of his journey in the Scorpio, he’s wrapping up business for the next 12 years — the intensity dial has been turned up to a 100 right now. Also Uranus’ sign change could bring a sudden storm of unexpected events. Still there is grace and opportunity hidden here.

Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio has brought us face to face with suppressed pain and emotions (personally and collectively) in a way that cannot be ignored. Awareness can be painful, but it is liberating and is one of the first steps in a healing process.

You’re at the end of a stage transformation in the area of your life ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart. What have you learned? How have you grown? Look back to see how far you’ve come, and where you want to go. As you move to and through this Scorpio New Moon cycle – this is your final test of all you’ve learned through Jupiter’s transit over the past year.

Scorpio is the sign that represents darkness – or rather than transformation of darkness into light. The ‘darkness’ of Scorpio is the shadow of the ego. It is also the only sign with three symbols the Scorpion, the phoenix, and the eagle – representing three stages of evolution from base primal emotions to spirit.

At its core, Scorpio represents a process of ego-death to realize one’s eternal spirit and consciousness. This transformation can only occur once we have experienced the darkness. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by Mars; water in a state of transformation. Think of ice — thawing, melting to liquid, heating, bubbling, boiling, and evaporating into vapor. The only way out is through.

It asks that we surrender our attachments to the material and corporeal world, sex, to the fulfillment of desires, and to outcomes; that we not hold on to pleasure or pain; to not suppress or stagnate emotions but to experience them fully, allowing them to be transformed, and transform you.

We have no control over our birth, death, or even our own hearts beating — we only think we have control over situations. Trying to impose our will on life, is fighting a losing battle.

Scorpio asks that we surrender this illusion of control – then there can be an awakening to the divine consciousness within, allowing you to merge and become one with the forces of the Universe moving within and around you.

With Uranus’ return to Aries, also a Mars-ruled sign like Scorpio, a day before the lunation — there could be sudden breakthroughs, realizations, last minute changes in direction. Look back to what was unfolding mid-May you are re-visiting some of these lessons. Be aware, then you needn’t repeat cycles.

As the Scorpio New Moon aligns, Jupiter will be in the final hours of its transit is seeding this lunation, asking for a great big leap of faith, in the face of the unknown.

Remember: uncertainty is truer companion than false certainty. When ‘the ego’ (Sun) thinks it ‘knows’ (Jupiter) that’s when we are in the most trouble. Jupiter ahead of the lunation suggests – you will have to trust your intuition, and jump out of the plane before you can pull the parachute string. This will call for faith.

But as Jupiter enters Sagittarius (his home sign) — this feels like a great big homecoming. Where you are willing to walk the path, the path will be revealed and rise to meet you. More on this soon.

For now, as you move to the Scorpio New Moon – release of emotional, mental, psychological, and material baggage. Lighten your load as you prepare for your new journey. Jupiter in Sagittarius is drawing us to new horizons and you will want to travel light. This is an inner transformation, shedding skin, so you can resurrect with renewed consciousness and wisdom.

Two days before the Scorpio New Moon also marks the beginning of the festival of Diwali – the festival lights — that celebrates the triumph of light of consciousness over the darkness of ignorance. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious times of the year (also marks the Hindu New Year) – when we pray to Goddess Lakshmi to bless our lives with every wealth, joy, and prosperity – materially and spiritually.

Whatever dark cloud looms large on your horizon – it has a silver lining. Go within, align with your inner compass, and it will guide you forward on your journey.

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Love and Blessings for a Prosperous and Joyous Diwali, and a Happy New Year!



For Personal Astrology Consultations please visit my booking page – or please click below for a special Jupiter in Sagittarius reading, for an in-depth look at the opportunities the coming year holds for you.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Consultation (60 min) – $108.00

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