It’s Probably Me…

Dear Friends,

Typing these words is surreal. One of my dearest friends, Sam Kapasi, is no more with us in the flesh. He passed away in a car accident on Sunday, leaving behind his father, his beloved wife Jenny, and huge gaping void the size of the Universe in my and many hearts.

If there was ever a man who was larger than life and lived life to the fullest, it was him. Literally and figuratively, he was 6′ 4,” you could hear him laugh a mile away, and you could not be around him without laughing till tears rolled down your eyes.

In fact, I hear his laughter ringing in my ears through the heavens right now, and only he could have me “laughing through my tears.” He was a true music man, great story-teller, loved good food and his sense of humour was a gift.

I’ve known him since I was ten and when I was with him I would forever be 16. We grew up together in the same building (where he still lived.) I’ve had too many firsts with him. The first time I went to a club, the first time I drank and got drunk (and threw up all over him), the first time I sat on a motorbike, the first time I made and ate homemade pasta, the first time I stayed up all night discovering music and the list goes on…

He always knew I’d been in the elevator at home because he loved what my hair smelled like and I knew he’d been there by his cologne. Now I can’t believe I will never see him again, hear him call me “Chubbs,” feel his huge arms around me hugging me, his laughter or the look in his eyes when I said something ridiculous, sneak out of the house with him, scandalize the building… After I started doing Astrology for a living, he once remarked I should have a cafe where I read peoples charts, do henna and offer massages (he loved my back and foot massages.) And maybe someday, I will.

Here is an account of just one of the countless nights we spent together, in his words. (Just one correction — It’s true I liked bike rides, but mostly I just loved bike rides with Sam, and even more importantly I just really loved Sam.) And of course you can read through his Blog for an insight into him and life in Bombay…

I’ll stop here because I could go on forever and all the words in the world would not be enough. I am blessed and lucky girl to have known and loved him. But most of all, I ask for your prayers for his wife Jenny and his father Inayat Kapasi who need all the strength they can get through this difficult time.




Thank you Sam for being in my life and showing me what it means to live and love. And I know you were an atheist and all, but I also know you’re listening right now and this will always be our song… So once again, this one’s for you…


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