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Hello All,

Hope the Eclipses have been gentle on you. As Eclipses go, this recent one in Cancer was in my 3rd Solar house of communication and my computer hard-drive crashed taking with it most of my recent files – including 4 sets of weekly horoscopes, horoscopes for July, Monthly report all of which I had to [and not done yet] re-write.

On the surface aside from Consultations, I’ve been writing my finger’s off and this Week’s horoscopes which were sent out to subscribers will also be the combined July Monthly Horoscopes (posted below) to make up for time.

But what killed me most, was that I lost deeply personal, sentimental email from a soul mate, and irreplaceable esoteric wisdom from my mentor Eric Francis from my early days of doing Astrology when I wrote the Daily Blog for Planet Waves.

It’s been a deeply cathartic experience, teaching me to let go of clinging to the external “words,” to learn that what is “truth,” will never die and live through me and remain alive within me in my heart.

While I’m here a quick look at the sky — It’s a big week and there are major aspects forming in the sky right now, Mars in Gemini trined Saturn in Libra this morning, tomorrow in the major aspect of the month Jupiter in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn, while Venus in Cancer moves through the Grand Cross and opposes Pluto at the end of the week.

As Jupiter in Taurus trines Pluto tomorrow, it’s time to get back to basics and not focus on external conditions and expectations so much. Only in breaking through conditioning and beliefs can we begin to appreciate the incredible potential available. This could be a gold mine indeed. Jupiter’s trine is stabilizing this entire climate providing a cushion for to ease the shifts. And this is an aspect that realigns again through the year. But trines being ‘easy’ aspects can also be easy to pass up.

To really make the most of this dig deep, let go of your ideologies and belief systems, and you could unearth something truly priceless. This is true for relationships as well as in business and finances. Jupiter in Taurus is a reminder if we do the hard work, the success will follow. And success not by anyone else’s standards but the kind of success that aligns with one’s integrity and personal sense of purpose, increasing one’s sense of self-worth. Indeed find your self-worth and nothing is too impossible a goal.

Also with Venus (ruler of Taurus) now in Cancer, moving towards her opposition to Pluto: passions, insecurities, desires, emotions are bubbling and relationships and financial situations are reaching an alchemical turning point. Surrender and let go of clinging to what is changing. The more you can flow with this energy and let go of expectations of how something “should” be the easier it will be recognize a pearl when you see it.

For all that is difficult and intense right now — this is a lusciously fertile climate, which if wiling to do the work needed to shift something (internally) the external will resolve itself to release it’s potential. Be open to receive. This is heavy stuff, but if we can approach it with the right attitude, trust this is due to be deeply transformational and cleansing opening the path for real love and security.

I’ll be back soon enough with more astrology — in the meanwhile, here are this Week’s Horoscopes written for the Subscriber service, which are also the combined Monthly Horoscopes for July…

Hope all is well with you,




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