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We’re hours past a big bright and ripe Capricorn Full Moon, exact at 2:39 AM EDT earlier today on July 15, 2011. Currently the Moon has entered Aquarius where it will transit through the weekend.

This is the first Full Moon after a recent series of three Eclipses, but it does bring to culmination a lot of what we have learned over the past few weeks, about ourselves, relationships, the world we live in and our relationship to it.

At this lunation the Sun and Moon make significant aspects to two minor planets, they squared Eris (the recently discovered dwarf planet) and the Sun is in conjunction to Varuna, (a minor planet) named after a Vedic deity whose impact astrologically may have a feeling of being too large to comprehend.

Varuna represents a greater pervasive all knowing force that governs cosmic law. Currently Varuna is in Libra, along with Saturn both very heavily suggestive of Karmic lessons and debts to be ‘paid off.’ Eris on the other hand is the Goddess of discord responsible for throwing the apple that ‘began’ the Trojan War.

The aspects suggest we consciously address any discord or it will ignite fires in subconscious ways leading to greater destruction, rather than controlled deconstruction. The Moon in Capricorn can tend to compartmentalize feelings so be in no denial of emotional baggage that needs to be consciously released so we can start responding to [a more fertile] reality.

Jupiter is in a solid trine to Pluto and the more we can let go of expectations of perfection we can begin to recognize the tangible benefits and abundant reality before us in the present. Set a goal and then flow towards it consciously letting go of all the mental conditioning that stands in your way. It’s time to get back to basics.

We’ve been in a state of flux since June with it’s Eclipses, and planets moving through Cancer triggering the Grand Cross ushering changes. We are reaching turning point now and as Mars moves through Cancer next month we will be through most of this transition and taking us safely to the other shore.

Speaking of safety, that really is the theme of this lunation and the energy we are experiencing. The Sun is in Cancer representing security – what we need to feel safe. It represents the 4th house which represents one’s emotional foundations, ones childhood.

The nurturing one receives as a child, becomes the foundations of ones ‘worldly success’ as an adult – as represented by Capricorn, (the sign opposite Cancer on the 10th house cusp, where the Moon is currently Full.) Look closely at your mother’s ideas about success or failure that you are moving past. I know many are struggling with ‘homelessness’ literally or metaphorically. But this too is pushing us to open up to new levels of trust and pushing us to discover our depth and integrity in times of adversity.

Trust what is happening now is part of a greater cosmic plan even if you can’t ‘see’ it. There may be questions surrounding legal matters or even ‘morality’ on a personal level. We can only do what is right using our inner essential humanity and integrity as a guide, rather than social norms or external ‘rules’ which are fast changing. Even inaction is an action, so choose wisely.

Capricorn is that sets goals. Do what you can to look at the big picture, and where you want to go from here. The whole world is in a state of flux. But these are necessary changes as we cross a great ocean towards greater comfort, depth and security.

On a global level the Murdoch media scandal is just one of the very visible ways this astrology is manifesting –putting those who abuse power to bend the rules for self-serving gain in the spotlight. Pluto is currently in Capricorn where the Moon is Full. This is bringing the need for a complete deconstruction of beliefs, conditioning and emotional constructs that have little to do with humanity and reality, and more to do with false standards of propriety, morality and superficial judgment.

While it may be important to have a goal, it’s equally important to go with the flow without too many expectations of how things ‘should’ be. This more about finding what is precious and still standing after the storm and nurturing it.

Also Mercury has now entered shadow phase and we will revisit conversations and issues we are dealing with now, once Mercury reaches this point again at the end of August at the end of its retrograde phase, as it stations direct.

The future is not caste in stone we are creating it with our words and thoughts. It takes courage to live one’s words, but without that there can be no integrity. But only in honest confrontation of the past can we move forward free of baggage.

Mercury is in Leo suggesting we be bold, creative and willing to take risks towards creating a brighter future. In Leo it will require courage to be honest, about one’s intentions, desires, passion and feelings. But its ok to feel vulnerable Full Moon’s are a time of revelation and this one is bringing disclosure, which really is only the beginning of a longer emerging story as suggests Mercury shadow phase.

The Moon entered Aquarius at 4:30 PM EDT and will remain in the sign through the weekend. We can expect lighter energy over the next couple of days allowing us to make choices in non-attachment and freedom that benefit the collective whole. But with the Moon making a sextile to Mars over the weekend make sure you’ve dealt with your emotions consciously or they could come out in rather blunt ways. At best this could be a rather inspirational time showing us new avenues to explore, if we can be open minded and let go of negative perceptions.

Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat. At this Full Moon we have a vantage point from the top of a mountain giving us a view of the many roads open to us. The future need not be more of the past and something we thought was the end of the road is just revealing the way to greater abundance we’d previously missed.

Over the next two weeks as you head to the New Moon let go of old baggage and expectations that prevent you from reaching for the future with open arms, and expressing yourself fully. Lighten your load as you make your journey, and choose wisely as you stay rooted in your personal integrity and you could find yourself in the lap of something really good.

Most importantly don’t judge something based on what other’s think or past experiences. The energy is currently like the kind of fertility one finds in the wake of a forest fire when a new generation of trees can take seed. It may take a while to get over the ‘shock’ of the destruction, but if we look closer there are treasures here waiting to be discovered.

Pay attention to how you feel deep down in your heart. Venus is in Cancer and travelling closet to the Sun. It’s easy to forget the heart when there are such huge issues that demand courage, action and strong will. But the heart is wise, and it sees and hears things that the eyes and ears do not. With Jupiter in Taurus (home sign of Venus) the heart may indeed hold the key, that unlocks the cave of plenty.

Cancer represents ones emotions in their most visceral form – laughter, joy, anger, and sadness, all our emotions are precious and need an outlet. Respect them, cherish them and acknowledge them rather than try to suppress them. (Which is likely going to be pretty impossible anyway.) They remind us we are human and sentient beings; and it is our ability to feel is what makes this life so precious.


— Priya Kale, NYC


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