Jupiter trine Vesta, Venus conjunct Chariklo, Mars sextile Pluto

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” — Chuang Tse

The Moon has now entered Scorpio after a powerful New Moon in Libra. Today Jupiter in Capricorn trines Vesta in Taurus, Venus conjuncts Chariklo and in the major aspect of the day, Mars sextiles Pluto in Sagittarius from the last degrees of Libra.

Jupiter Vesta and Saturn now in the earth signs forming a grand trine are helping us sink our roots deep into this new world we are rapidly moving into. This is essentially an indicator of the stabilizing influence that is present right now, even though everything seems so up in the air.

Chariklo was the wife of Chiron and she was a consort and healing assistant to Vesta in the Vestal temples. She stands for the need for definition of boundaries between personal space and intimacy within our relationships. In conjunction to Venus in Scorpio is likely a battle raging within our own hearts. We may want closeness to another but at what cost? Take a look at how any possessiveness or needing to control a situation or its outcome may actually be driving you further apart.

There can be a huge transformation if we can rise above assumptive behavior and choose light over darkness. On the brighter side, this conjunction can help us now to learn to interact within our relationships as equals, with a desire to help without encouraging co-dependent behavior. But none of this can happen unless we negotiate these boundaries. One of the more negative aspects of Chariklo if we are not careful, is a passive-agressive tendency towards aloofness — “solicitous with no intention to respond.”

But there is a major aspect taking place as Mars sextiles Pluto, setting the sky ablaze. This is a closing aspect suggesting an imminent release. Mars is now at the end of a two year cycle and will make a conjunction to Pluto in December. Pluto is said to be the higher vibration of Mars and the aspect clearly suggests a time for letting go of the baser emotions of Mars in Libra and moving towards the greater evolutionary journey as being represented by Pluto in Sagittarius.

Also now the Moon is in Scorpio the sign that is ruled by both these planets. We can expect the energy to be rather intense over the next two days as we go through this period of deep surrender. Let go of any anger, resentment or pain within relationships, everyone is ready to evolve and move to the next stage. Let go of any insecurities about your creativity or financial success.

Pluto promises something pristine in return as long as we work with our highest vision and awareness of the spiritual truth guiding us forward. This is the end of a long era of Pluto in Sagittarius and we are evolving out of this 15 year journey. As dark as things may seem under this Scorpio Moon we are shedding skin and evolving like butterflies from a cocoon.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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