Moon in Scorpio, Venus squares Nessus, Mercury trines Pallas

Yesterday Mars made a powerful alignment to Pluto in Sagittarius bringing us to a point of release asking us to let go of old baggage, as we move towards the completion of a two year Mars cycle. Today Venus squares Nessus in Aquarius, Pallas receives aspects from Ceres and Mercury in the form of a sextile and trine respectively.

The Moon is said to be in ‘detriment’ in Scorpio and ‘exalted’ in its opposite sign Taurus. When a planet is in detriment it is said to be most difficult to grasp the energy. Since the Moon governs our innermost emotions and Scorpio is the sign that takes us to edge of surrender. With the Moon in this sign, it shows us the bitter-sweet pain of feeling too much and forces us to go beyond our surface emotions to the depths to find truth. Its here that we realize holding on to negative emotions is like holding your breath under water, you can only do it for so long until survival demands that you let go and come up for air.

As Venus in Scorpio squares Nessus we are being asked to come to an inner resolution regarding deeper wounds inflicted on us in the past through patterns of abuse and sexual abuse handed down through generations and in Aquarius this speaks of the collective wounds we bear as a society. Melanie Reinhart says of this centaur, “‘the buck stops here,’ indicating that it in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.”

Squares bring internal resolution and now its time to address these deep dark wounds so we can bring about a profound healing. Avoid projecting your issues on to another at this point and also take a careful look at how you allow your past experiences affect your present reactions and responses. Unless we are willing to let go of old wounds we can never deal with the present to situations or begin to see the truth in them. In relationships its time to take responsibility for our own stuff and allow another the space to heal their insides too.

Also with retrograde Mercury trine Pallas we may reach a new understanding about a situation that has been perplexing, if we are willing to drop our defenses and really listen to what is being said to us. With Mercury retrograde, communication has been difficult no doubt. But any planet going backwards is an introspective look and in Libra this is regarding our communication within our relationships. Pallas was born in full armor out of the head of Zeus, suggesting to me this is the form of energy that comes from the higher mind — where we rise above the duality of the mind and true enlightenment can happen.

Be gentle with yourself, things are not easy for most I know. Trust that what is there is there and the ups and downs of life are only challenges that test us and ask us if we want to grow. Circumstances do not make or break us, they only reveal us. Sometimes what is revealed is ugly, but even then we have a choice in the now to change, transform and rebirth. This is the message of the Scorpio Moon.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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