Weekend astrology… Mars enters Scorpio, Mercury trines Chiron, Venus sextiles Jupiter

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” — Lawrence Clark Powell

Around 10 AM this morning on the east coast, the Moon entered Sagittarius bringing us back to life after the purging of the Scorpio Moon. But the bigger shift comes tonight as Mars enters Scorpio one of its signs for the first time in two years. This is an influence we will likely feel very strongly and we can all expect mystery and intrigue to be part of the cosmic climate as we head into these next few weeks.

This is powerful time for the world. Its been an interesting Mercury retrograde period personally, communication has definitely slowed down yet there have been plenty of revelations. I turned on the TV today, something I rarely do. For the past seven months or so I have to admit I have consciously not watched the news or followed daily politics. Its too much of a toxic influence for me personally to bear but today I happened to watch the Vice-Presidential debate.

I have to say it made me sick to my stomach, watching Sarah Palin spin the questions to suit her agenda and completely avoid answering any questions. She does have transiting Neptune conjunct her natal Sun, Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, so theres not much about her thats real right now. I’m not sure if she is deluded or deceptiveor just lying through her teeth, my instincts just read into her facade a little too strongly. Neptune conjunct Saturn clearly suggests we’d need to worry about her sense of boundaries, which was apparent in her wanting the Vice-Presidential office to hold “more” power. And it does worry me that she may manage to convince that ‘middle-class’ part of America, that are most going to be hurt by their lies, greed and incompetence.

Mars now joining Scorpio is bound to raise the sexual intrigue and the financial climate is bound to be affected by this shift in energy. Likely we will see real signs of optimism after the Aries New Moon when Mercury is direct again. We can all expect a greater surge of drive over the coming weeks urging us to actively let go and surrender all that stands in the way of us and what we desire. Be aware of the darker influences of desire though, avoid manipulative influences as much as addictive substances, they could lead you down darker alleys than you care to wander.

There may be a tendency towards secrecy about one true intentions or revealing ones true emotions, but luckily Venus is also in Scorpio at this time suggesting there is a softness to this energy. Still waters run deep and there may be more than someone else is letting on. With Mercury still retrograde, we are still the process of learning deep truths abut our relationships and how we interact with one another. But now with the Venus and Mars in Scorpio there is a feeling that we have to go bravely forth into the unknown on gut feeling alone. If we can take responsibility for our darker realities we can admit to their presence and ultimately aid in their surrender making space for healing and transformation to rush in.

There is much we have yet to discover and much that is bound to surface in our personal lives and the world over the coming weeks. Mercury trines Chiron this weekend bringing us to a new understanding of what transpired around the time of the Pisces Full Moon when the aspect first took place. The aspects suggests a a sort of an inner awakening to truth albeit a little painful and scary to confront. But awareness is the only thing that can move us forward and that means being honest with ourselves first.

On Sunday Venus sextiles Jupiter earthing and grounding all these deeper emotions that have been pouring out. This may come as a deliciously wet and wild opportunity to explore your sexual urges or a burst of creativity. Again this is a closing aspect, suggesting we are nearing discovering a passion deep and solid. One that is about to bear a mountain worth its weight in gold, once we let go of fear and surrender to our deepest truth. This is true of our financial picture as it is of that we love, as suggested by Capricorn what is being built here is something that is reliable lasting. Ultimately it comes down to value and worth. It’s time to really dig deep to see where yours lie — and what and who is valuable to you.

I will be back hopefully over the weekend with the October Horoscopes… Enjoy your weekend and take care…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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== Weekend aspects courtesy www.serennu.com

Friday 03 October 2008

00:10:30 UT – Mercury (18 li 18’41” Rx) sextile Ceres (18 le 18’41”)
00:16:48 UT – Elatus (23 le 5’16”) trine 1992 QB1 (23 ar 5’16” Rx)
00:35:22 UT – Mercury (18 li 17’38” Rx) trine Pallas (18 ge 17’38”)
00:51:52 UT – Venus (10 sc 52’17”) square Nessus (10 aq 52’17” Rx)
06:04:51 UT – Waxing Crescent Moon – Sun (10 li 24’16”) semi-square Moon (25 sc 24’17”)
06:25:16 UT – Mars (29 li 22’37”) trine Cyllarus (29 ge 22’37” Rx)
17:13:16 UT – Sun (10 li 51’42”) trine Nessus (10 aq 51’42” Rx)
22:01:31 UT – Neptune (21 aq 42’7″ Rx) sextile Juno (21 sa 42’7″)
23:56:35 UT – Sun (11 li 8’15”) trine Chaos (11 ge 8’15” Rx)

Saturday 04 October 2008

02:10:48 UT – Mercury (17 li 9’57” Rx) sextile Quaoar (17 sa 9’57”)
04:33:55 UT – Mars enters Scorpio (direct)
10:37:57 UT – Eros (12 li 48’4″) sextile Ixion (12 sa 48’4″)
12:07:47 UT – Juno (21 sa 50’51”) square Logos (21 vi 50’51”)
16:31:05 UT – Venus (12 sc 53’4″) opposite Vesta (12 ta 53’4″ Rx)
21:12:00 UT – Mars (0 sc 28’7″) sextile Orcus (0 vi 28’7″)
21:36:49 UT – Mercury (16 li 15’35” Rx) trine Chiron (16 aq 15’35” Rx)

Sunday 05 October 2008

01:22:25 UT – Neptune (21 aq 41’5″ Rx) square Amycus (21 sc 41’5″)
03:07:12 UT – Mercury (15 li 59’50” Rx) conjunct Rhadamanthus (15 li 59’50”)
08:22:05 UT – Venus (13 sc 41’20”) sextile Jupiter (13 cp 41’20”)
12:47:09 UT – Jupiter (13 cp 42’15”) square Eros (13 li 42’15”)
16:54:33 UT – Sun (12 li 49’12”) sextile Ixion (12 sa 49’12”)
23:36:37 UT – Eros (14 li 4’38”) sextile Great Attractor (14 sa 4’38”)

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