Last day of Sun in Taurus, retrograde Mercury squares triple conjunction in Aquarius

Hello from NYC!

It’s 10 AM on a Tuesday as I write this; the Moon is in Pisces in a tight conjunction to Uranus helping us break through surface emotions to discover a new depth within. This can offer a renewal of spirit and, if we can surrender to hope instead of fear.

As the Moon ingresses Aries later this evening at 6:30 PM, expect things to get more passionate and heated over the next few days, filling us with more drive and ambition to go after what we want. While in Aries she also conjuncts Venus and Mars in the sign over the next couple of days, releasing more passion and creativity. Be careful though not to get too caught up in selfish desires that can ultimately backfire — wanting will only bring more wanting. Also today Venus trines the Great Attractor filling us with more creative energy, giving us a chance for greater self-love and acceptance which can then radiate outward in our interactions and actions.

Also today is the last day of the Sun in Taurus, so use the energy to find grounding for the unbelievable astrology and phase of life we are moving into (personally and collectively.) Only as we each find our own power and sense of self-worth can we bring forth abundance into our lives and those we love. Taurus rules tangible resources, physical sensual pleasure and life itself. The earth may have it’s seasons, but even the harshest winter breaks forth into spring. Taurus is a reminder for patience to allow nature to take it’s course.

Once the Sun enters Gemini tomorrow, we can expect communication and the energy to get a little swifter. Mercury is now half way through its retrograde phase in Taurus and will square the triple conjunction in Aquarius over the next couple of days (Wednesday and Thursday.) Mercury first made this aspect on Apr. 22, 2009 right before the Taurus New Moon. We can now reach a new level of inner understanding of events that began unfolding then. It will repeat this aspect (once it turns direct) on June 10, 2009 when we will have a much fuller picture, for now this a dive within — there is more to something than we first imagined.

There may be doubts surfacing, perhaps an inner questioning of one’s own values as compared to the rest of the world and society. The triple conjunction in itself is powerful but when personal planets make aspects to it — it brings us a more direct experience of the energy. With Mercury, it’s like we are channeling a higher wisdom into a solid cognizance and understanding.

Within conversations and important situations, there may be profound questions to deal with. Check where you are allowing projection and perception to enlarge your wounds rather than heal them. Be willing to admit your own tendency to be in denial of your wounds as well. If you feel someone is being deceptive ask yourself for the reason of mistrust — whether it is based in fact or fiction? Are you being honest with yourself? When in doubt, stick to facts and awareness and most importantly a willingness to acknowledge doubt. Conversations and communication can be greatly revealing if we enter in a spirit of receptivity of message.

Hope all is well where you are… I will be back with the blog on Thursday as we head towards the New Moon in Gemini over the weekend. It’s been an intense month and year to say the least… But the astrology suggests faith is our biggest gift right now as we hold the space open and work towards our dreams…


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