Weekend Astrology: Jupiter conjuncts Chiron, New Moon in Gemini

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Over the past couple of days Mercury squared the triple conjunction in Aquarius [read post below this one.] This likely brought painful memories to the surface revealing wounds that ran deeper than we thought. Saturday, Jupiter exacts it’s conjunction to Chiron, right before the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday.

Expect a big weekend with a lot of release and space for clearing and healing if we can allow it. Jupiter and Neptune make a conjunction once every 14 years or so. But the last time this triple conjunction with Chiron culminated was in Libra in 1945.

I talk about Chiron often, with a Moon, Mercury, Chiron conjunction in my natal chart it’s hard not. Mythologically, Chiron is the ‘wounded healer.’ He was wounded by a poisoned arrow and destined to live an immortal life in awareness of his pain. But in this awareness he was able to heal. Astrologically the energy of Chiron is visceral, palpable, rapid force that bridges the gap between physical consciousness to higher realms — showing very viscerally that energy is energy — injuries, pain, illness’, diseases, addictions are just the physical manifestations of the wounded soul crying out for healing. When the life force is not flowing in accordance with the Universe, it literally short circuits to create chaos.

As Jupiter conjuncts Chiron this weekend, the awareness of these wounds is likely to be huge, perhaps overwhelming — but the message here is one of tremendous faith, hope and healing. The pain may be real and present but we are only being shown our wounds so we can break-free of them. Denial is not an option because the experience is just likely to get more intense until there is a release. That’s the promise of Chiron — it will do what it takes to get our attention, but the presence of Jupiter and Neptune is like a balmy mist helping us soothe the pain if we can keep faith.

With Gemini New Moon on Sunday, we are now in the dark of the Moon in Taurus. Ground yourself as much as you can in what is real and let go of the attachments which only bring pain. What is real will never leave you — it can only be renewed by spirit for the next phase of the journey to begin.

Truly the period of transition we are in leaves me at a loss for words. For now I suggest you just be gentle with yourself…

I will be back a little later with the Gemini New Moon  Report. Also until the end of this Mercury Retrograde I am offering a 20% discount for all repeat clients, as well as a New personalized (written by me) Birthday Report and a special Triple Conjunction Reading looking in-depth at how this energy is affecting you personally in your life and chart. Please look for further details in this space shortly or you can email me in the meanwhile at priya@priyakale.com

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