Leo Full Moon: A Moment of Truth…

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A man can tell a thousand lies
I’ve learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, ’till then
It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives
I’ve seen it once, I know the warmth she gives
The light that you could never see
It shines inside, you can’t take that from me

— Madonna, Live to Tell

Full Moon’s bring revelation and here comes a moment of truth…

Today is the day of the Full Moon in Leo exact at 4:54 PM EST. At the time of this lunation, the Sun (ruler of Leo) conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius, in opposition to the Leo Full Moon. Meanwhile and significantly Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius stations retrograde hours before the Full Moon. It will station direct again on June 25, 2012 a day after the Gemini New Moon Eclipse.

How does one balance with one’s need to shine, while playing by the rules and still being part of a group? This is the dynamic of the Leo-Aquarius axis which brings to focus the individual vs. the collective.

Although there is a need now for recognition and acceptance, this can only come when one is able to authentic, regardless of what anyone “thinks.” To often it is easy to get caught up in group dynamics and the games people play. Often anyone that dare’s to speak their mind freely risks being isolated, judged or singled out for being weird or too different. But sacrifice this and sacrifice your individuality. At your cost.

Now the Moon in Leo is full of heart, feeling rather passionate. Kind of like the lioness who would want to protect her cubs. And we have Saturn stationing retrograde this morning taking the role of the ‘father’ or the authority figure. But watch the need to be over-protective or judgmental.

As much as the Sun (ruler of Leo) represents the self, it also asks for a level of curiosity, self-awareness and heart. In conjunction to Mercury in Aquarius, the question is how do we remain curious, open and childlike; rather than childish, judgmental, opinionated and giving in to peer pressure just to preserve status-quo? Without self-awareness, we are more than likely to battle insecurities or fears of being lost in the crowd.

Aquarius represents the collective consciousness and non-attachment (rather than detachment which implies a lack of presence) Mercury ‘the mind’ is exalted in Aquarius; to understand this, it would help to understand ultimately the mind is a vessel and at best it’s function is to act as a satellite dish. It is only through non-attachment (rather than detachment) to personal ego and opinions, can there be freedom of thought, allowing one to receive insights from the collective unconscious.

At a Full Moon people do tend to act weird and Aquarius is certainly the King of Weird. This is because the Sun (our consciousness) and the Moon (intuitive self and feelings) are opposed, bringing a feeling of being stretched to personal limits. There is likely to be stuff flying out of people’s mouths before they’ve had a time to process it, but there is also an element of truth here. But to receive it, it will require us to step out of the ego, listen to what is being said, learn what we can and take it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius) is now in the very last degree of Libra and stations retrograde hours before the Full Moon. Saturn is also the time-keeper of the zodiac and with Saturn standing still at the time of this lunation, there is a sense of need to pause and reserve judgment as more information and truth comes to light. In relationships this will require a degree of acceptance and recognition of reality as we consider all the facts. Also this is the last time Saturn stations retrograde in Libra before it finally moves direct on June 25, 2012 a day after the Gemini Eclipse which will also require serious honest communication.

There is a sense that a situation, especially perhaps relationships have been on the brink, taking us to the edge. But the retreat of Saturn is offering a chance to readdress crucial balances of power and get real with what is or isn’t working in our connections. We can’t change another but we can be honest with ourselves.

As a child were you encouraged to have your own ideas and opinions? Or were you punished for them? What was the relationship dynamics you saw play out between parents or care-givers? Look at your past and relationships especially with parents, teachers, authority figures and childhood influences that have shaped your consciousness, affecting your choices today. During Saturn’s retrograde station we have the opportunity to re-adjust an inner balance allowing us move forward again in greater awareness of personal truth and boundaries.

Neptune is now in Pisces, a transit that we could go on about infinitely. Neptune as much as it represents God, a divine force, also represents ‘Maya,’ illusion and deception. Indeed the worst lies are the one’s we tell ourselves. This Leo Full Moon suggests the need to be honest with oneself primarily.

And truly, if we can’t find the courage to be honest with ourselves, who will we be honest with? And how in the world can we expect to be honest with anyone else? Hold on to judgement, opinions, get stuck in pride or delusions of grandeur, and may the good lord Neptune help you.

Free your mind, and the rest can flow…

— Priya Kale, Feb. 7, 2012


Feedback from Cosmic Diaries: 2012 Annual Horoscopes:

Dear Priya,
Just a quick note to say your annual horoscope for my sun sign Gemini turned out to be just what I needed and hoped for.
I told you when you were stressing out about the delay that anyone who has ever read your previous horoscopes especially the ones for 2009 and 2010 will know its worth the wait. This year’s one is as good, if not better as those years. I love the way you have structured it this time – what you have picked to address, the order of writing according to the timings and anyone who does not know about the houses (like I once did) can still access the information easily. I will write a longer very positive feedback shortly when I have a little bit more time to be able to fully express my appreciation and gratitude I feel reading your annual horoscopes for all these years.
By the way I seriously think you do need to consider writing a book on soul’s growth, life direction and facing change. I have read enough books on self help, spirituality to know you have something very special to offer in your simplicity and wisdom. Your advice are so useful, simple and beautiful that I actually have compiled some of your lines in a document.
With love and thanks.

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