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She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.

— Bob Dylan, Just Like a Woman

Dear Friends,

Venus has now left the deep waters of Pisces and entered Aries the 1st sign of the zodiac. She is also approaching a conjunction to Uranus exact tonight Feb. 8, 2012 at 9:28 PM EST — which is sure to bring sudden, surprising developments.

The relationship between Pisces and Aries can be seen through the Prometheus myth, where Prometheus ‘the Awakener’ stole the fire (Aries) of the Gods (Pisces) and gave it to mortals. Venus in Aries represents the pure fire of creation. After her transit through Pisces, this is the un-manifest creation, manifest.

Astrologically Venus is said to be in ‘detriment’ in Aries, whereas she was ‘exalted’ in Pisces. When a planet is in its ‘detriment,’ its energy is harder to express and access naturally.

Here we get the image of a fallen angel, a Goddess who’s been sent down from heaven, to earth — and the ways and rules of this material world are often simply baffling to her — like a child in a new world.

Think of a new born, whose very presence and being is love. But it is hard for a child to express its needs so he or she will cry, or throw a tantrum, rather than be able to tell you what it’s feeling or what it needs. Do you then speak to the child and try to understand what he or she needs, give it tools for self-expression, or do we impatiently punish or beat the child, who has no understanding of why you would hit him or her? The same goes for our hearts.

Venus in Aries is like the child who colors wildly outside the lines or paints the sky a bright green instead of blue. Are we going to stamp the imagination out of (our inner) child and heart, to make it conform to the world? Or do we encourage, appreciate his or her uniqueness and see the wondrous world as new again through his or her eyes?

But like a child there is impatience about Venus in Aries — she wants what she wants and wants it now. Aries is masculine energy that is outwardly projected, but Venus by nature is feminine, yin or receptive energy and this can create an inner struggle to balance these opposite forces. Venus in Aries is like a woman struggling to make it, in a ‘Man’s World,’ where her behavior can seem to be rather ‘un-ladylike’ in the eyes of the world.

Due to the extreme self-focus of this placement without true self-awareness, this energy can manifest as attention seeking, rash and lacking empathy. Currently though we have Mars (ruler of Aries) retrograde in Virgo (the sign of the healer), offering the gift of learning and cultivating empathy within, allowing one to discover an awareness of an inner gentler nature and the true purpose behind one’s actions. Then there can be authentic self-confidence allowing one to channel this energy in a focused, direct way with single minded purpose. People with Venus in Aries would be great at professions that require individual focus and celebrate individual talents — like an artist, activist, or entrepreneur, rather than let’s say a nurse.

I have Venus in Aries in my chart, so I can tell you I am all too familiar with this energy. The other day a colleague of mine who shares this placement (Amanda Painter) remarked about Venus in Aries, saying it should be a ’12 step program.’ We joked about it, but I knew she was definitely on to something. Venus in Aries the 1st sign, has 12 signs of evolution to go through before she reaches the exalted state of Pisces.

But then Astrology, like this Universe is circular and holographic — it has no beginning and no end. Rather than feeling like we have a long way to go in learning the art of love, making money, living in this material world, or perfecting creativity. Perhaps then, this is a matter of moving back a sign and remembering where we come from — eternity. Where everything is possible and everything can be.

The upcoming conjunction to Uranus tonight is sure to bring wildly surprising developments we couldn’t have seen coming — financially, romantically and creatively. Expect to feel rather fired up and passionate. If we try to resist or control what’s unfolding, there will only come a feeling of being shocked or trying to control a wildfire.

We are being handed the fire of the Gods in a sense, in unawareness, anger, fear we could ‘burn the house down; in self-awareness we can cook a nourishing meal and give and receive warmth. Keep your heart open, spontaneous and this can bring true liberation, showing us what we are truly capable of manifesting — which has the potential to surprise even us.

With Love,



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Dear Priya,
Just a quick note to say your annual horoscope for my sun sign Gemini turned out to be just what I needed and hoped for.

I told you when you were stressing out that anyone who has ever read your previous horoscopes especially the ones for 2009 and 2010 will know its worth the wait. This year’s one is as good, if not better as those years. I love the way you have structured it this time – what you have picked to address, the order of writing according to the timings and anyone who does not know about the houses (like I once did) can still access the information easily. I will write a longer very positive feedback shortly when I have a little bit more time to be able to fully express my appreciation and gratitude I feel reading your annual horoscopes for all these years.

By the way I seriously think you do need to consider writing a book on soul’s growth, life direction and facing change. I have read enough books on self help, spirituality to know you have something very special to offer in your simplicity and wisdom. Your advice are so useful, simple and beautiful that I actually have compiled some of your lines in a document.
With love and thanks.

Dear Priya,

I’m excited now to take the 2012 year horoscope and apply it as with all your daily blogs!

As for the  2012 Horoscope. wow…I love it! It helps so much to read  it and gosh so on point. Reading this gives me a sense of hope that things are changing  and also i see how far I’ve come in my handling of situations and what you’re written for this year has reflected what I’ve been feeling. I use  your overviews as a coping mechanism so to speak when things get a bit out of control or confusing,  I’ll read it and it brings everything back to perspective. It serves as a reminder of what is happening on a larger scale.  I keep it near my coffee table so i can keep referring to it. I’ve done this since the 1st time i purchased the yearly overviews. It truly does help! The one part of that struck me pretty deeply is the Uranus in Aries in my 5th house!  Wow wow 5th house=risk taking, romance, your heart, deepest sense of self.

” There is passion exploding in your heart and something or someone that sets your heart on fire. What is it that sends your heart beating a mile a minute just with the thought of it?As Bono sang “You don’t know if it’s fear or desire, Danger the drug that takes you higher.” You are being presented with opportunities that may seem like a rather dangerous proposition. But this is a process of you learning to trust your self, stretch your limits of what you thought you were capable of and discovering your limitless potential, creatively, sexually and very personally.”
— Lucy, NYC

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