Leo Full Moon report

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Leo Full Moon

An excerpt ==

“There may be difficult choices to make in love and relationships and financial situations. Although the Moon is in passionate Leo, the Venus-Saturn square is a sobering influence. It may not all be fun and games right now, but the Full Moon is a reminder to not lose touch with the heart and soul.

“Stay true to yourself and get clear on what you want first. Acknowledge your feelings desires, passion, creative, sexual and romantic urges. Only then can you communicate honestly and clearly to bring about the change you seek.

“This will come from finding inner strength, resolve, dedication and the ability to co-operate with another. This Full Moon is offering an opportunity to erase and re-write rules find a greater balance of power and equality. Wherever there has been a sense of restriction there can be liberation, allowing us to go beyond the norm and usual boundaries.

“Within all relationships personal, professional and financial negotiation will be key. Find middle ground establish healthy boundaries, ground rules that everyone can live with and an agreement that works for everyone. A relationship is only as good as it meets the needs of everyone involved.”

— Priya Kale, Leo Full Moon. Read full report.

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